Stand Up Straight!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just a quick post today inspired by a simple question:

Do bones hold up muscles or do muscles hold up bones?

I’ll give you a minute to consider the question.

I was walking up a hill one day when I realized how tired my back was.
I had that achy, mid back burning feeling, and it felt like my legs were carrying a LOT more than my own body weight up that hill. I was kinda struggling and it wasn’t even a very big hill!

I asked myself WHY it felt so hard, and my inner voice whispered, “poor posture.” My inner voice is never wrong, so I stopped to correct my posture. For some reason I suddenly envisioned myself as a puppet supported by strings, and allowed myself to be pulled upright into proper postural alignment.

As I continued uphill, my legs no longer felt like they were doing ALL the work! It actually felt as if my upper body was helping carry my lower body up the hill. I allowed myself to play with the idea through the rest of that hike. I felt the sensation of letting my bones carry me uphill, then aligned my posture and let the muscles carry my bones up the hill with much less effort!

I don’t know about you, but I usually ALWAYS enjoy easy over challenging, so now I take the time to align. You can too! Save your energy and reduce the fatigue you feel by day’s end. How? With one simple postural correction.

SIMPLE Posture Correction

Lift your sternum.

That’s it. That’s my big tip!

I’ll let the crazy lady in the three-minute video explain.
(Crazy AWESOME!)

What helped most for you: the visual or the sound effects? Let me know in the comments!

Proper posture allows us to feel more energized!

The answer to the question is our muscles hold our bones up. The skeleton falls to pieces on the ground without something to hang on. Proper muscular alignment is required to align the bones to get the most leverage from movement.

Stand up straight to reenergize!

No matter where we are – at the office, bent over a desk or a steering wheel, standing in line – we can lift the sternum to align the posture to reclaim our energy. Post sticky notes around to remind you until standing/sitting up straight becomes a healthy habit!

5 Replies to “Stand Up Straight!”

  1. My problem is with my mobility disability I lean forward. To stand up straight I have to stand on my tippy tippy toes with my left leg. I’m going to try to pull up when I’m sitting. I’ve been working on a shoe with a lift, need to work harder. It won’t 100% correct the lean but hopefully will help. Need to balance lift height to comfort zone (dont want to feel wobbly) and amount of up/down travel I have on the left side. (If the lift takes too much travel i can’t step up). I really love your blogs, they help me remember I am worthy if a good life regardless of weight, health, disabilities. And I’m beginning to embrace this much quieter life stage I’m in. Thank you.

  2. Good for you Peggy! Pulling that sternum up while sitting will help reduce strain in your back. You are so wonderfully worthy! Happy to remind you. Thanks so much for letting me know you like the blog!

  3. I wasn’t expecting this to work so well but, my husband I went to the zoo last weekend and every time my back started hurting I corrected my posture. We were there for 8+ hours and the only thing that hurt when we left was my legs, so much walking. But my back was pain free. I’m trying to remember this tip whenever I can 😁

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