One Day I Just Got Off the Fucking Couch

What is it that motivates us?

As often as not it’s being so tired or bored with what we have been doing that desire for something new simply lifts us and moves us in a new direction.

Human beings get stuck in ruts.  We appreciate the familiar.  Sometimes it’s far more comfortable to just stay put than to find a new path.  Until we simply cannot stay put.

Recently I was speaking to some clients about their new health improvements.  

One client had waited a very long time to focus on her health, putting it off until her child went to college.  During our sessions she reported feeling bored and lonely.  She said she wanted to start getting fit, but didn’t want to go to a gym, because she was afraid others might judge her for the way she currently looked. 

I asked if she was a more critical judge of herself – or of others. She admitted that she judges herself more harshly than she does other people.  I simply pointed out that the same is true for most of us and that everyone at the gym is probably too busy judging themselves to have time to judge her.  I added that everyone at the gym would be focused on self-improvement and could judge her favorably for pursuing similar goals.  She quickly discovered that the feelings of loneliness and boredom decreased at the gym and can’t BELIEVE she waited so long to feel this powerful in her own skin again!

Another of my clients has begun walking 3 to 4 miles several times a week, and is changing some of her food choices.  I asked her what had finally motivated these changes for her and I LOVE her reply:

“One day I just got off the fucking couch and started walking.”

After I stopped laughing she told me it wasn’t much that first day.  “I only walked three or four blocks, but it felt GOOD to be outside instead of playing a video game, so I decided to take a walk again the next day.”

So whether it’s because you are wanting something new in your life, or you’re just tired of “what is” you CAN make changes!  We have to start somewhere.  Maybe all we need to do is get off the fucking couch!

Try it, and see where your feet lead you!

Weekly Women’s Walk in Vallejo!

I’m currently committed to walking 10,000 steps a day and I am also passionate about helping other people become energized, so we are meeting up once a week at the waterfront to walk about 3 miles.

If you want to get off the couch, please join us!

Here is our June Schedule:

Sunday, June 9 @ 10am
Saturday, June 15 @ 9am
Sunday, June 23 @ 10am
Sunday, June 30 @ 10am

We meet at the Vallejo Boat Launch Ramp:

Engage Your Body!

Today I want to talk about the miracle of movement!  

Back when I was exhausted all the time, I found a million excuses to sit around.  Engrossing myself in a project in my computer was always a great one.  As an entrepreneur, I have a thousand things that need my attention from a seated position: bookkeeping, scheduling, advertising, newsletters. It goes on and on.

Now I realize that if I want to feel energized, I gotta get up and move!  I’m no Olympic athlete, and I am not training for a marathon. I just understand now that movement is KEY.

Movement helps:
  • flow chi
  • increase metabolism
  • boost happy-making chemicals in the brain
  • clear mental cobwebs
  • decrease stress 
  • promote digestion
  • improve sleep quality

For optimal health doctors generally recommend 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.  But for many, this can feel daunting, and trying to jump into a 5 day routine from zero days is never wise.

Start somewhere, start small. 

Build from there at your own pace.   It is better to move 5-10 minutes a day than to sit around waiting for the motivation to do 30 minutes all at once.  It’s even helpful to spend time thinking about being active!  If you can’t get up and move, or can’t motivate yourself to do so right now, visualize yourself being active and vibrant and moving your body!  Our mind is a powerful tool.  Using it to conjure images of ourselves involved in vibrant activities can build energy too!  To see what I mean, envision yourself at the very top of a roller coaster.  You feel yourself crest the hill, the momentum shifts, and suddenly you are plunging down the other side at breakneck speed.  You can physically feel that pull on your energy, right?

The same thing happens when you imagine yourself running, dancing, swimming, climbing, whatever physical activity appeals to your soul.  Picture yourself there, immersed in it, thriving at it.  The energy inside will rise.  Use that energy to motivate yourself into some action.  You can imagine yourself flying like a bird if that appeals to you, and use that rise in energy to walk to the end of the block and back!  Use the mind to create the energy that motivates the body up and into motion!  

Stop using the mind to trap the body into inertia!

You know all those self-defeating little thoughts that come up like, ‘I don’t want to work out,’ or ‘I don’t enjoy it,’or ‘I don’t have the energy’?  Well those thoughts deplete the energy right OUT of a body, and simply shifting them can give you the energy and motivation you need to get going!

‘I don’t want to work out,’ can become ‘I want to move my body
for 5-10 minutes because I deserve to energize myself!’  or ‘I want the energy boost that comes with moving my body!’ or even, ‘I want an energized life!’

Use ANY words that resonate for you.

‘I don’t have the energy,’ can become ‘To create energy, I simply move my body!’ or ‘My workout leaves me energized!’ or even ‘Movement connects me to Source energy and POWERS me up!’

‘I just don’t enjoy it’ can become, ‘I enjoy the way my body feels after I move it,’ or ‘I enjoy the powerful feeling of aligning with my own healthy intentions,’ or even, ‘I enjoy vibrant health and stay active to achieve that goal!’

Choose the thought that feels better when you think it, because the better you feel, the more energy you have!

I recently did a nine-day spring cleanse designed to detox the liver. On a few of those days I was very low energy, and the thing that made me feel better and more energized each time, was a nice easy walk around my block. When I felt like I just wanted to sit and do nothing because I was so tired, I got up and went for a walk and felt better! Try it yourself & see how taking a short walk lifts your mood.