Coaching Services

If you have no experience with coaching, it’s normal to wonder:

What is coaching?
How does it work?
Is it worth my time and money?
How do I know if coaching is right for me?

When you are considering hiring a coach, these are important questions! 

I offer two FREE sessions  so new clients can uncover their own answers!

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We’ll explore whatever issue is on your mind, talk about coaching tools that have helped people like you with similar issues, choose at least one action step to move you toward your goal, answer any questions you have, and decide whether we are well partnered for coaching!

How much does coaching cost?

My fees are listed below, however it’s incredibly important to remember that you are not purchasing a product. You are investing in sustainable life transformation.

Possibly more important questions would be:

▪ What does it cost to live OUT of alignment with my own desires and potential?
▪ What does it cost to NOT speak my truth?
▪ What does it cost to feel disconnected from purpose, or passion for living?
▪ What does it cost to suppress or deny my emotions?
▪ What does it cost to set goals, and then repeatedly self sabotage?
▪ What would it be worth to exude confidence whenever I like?
▪ What would it be worth to allow myself the same support I so freely offer others?
▪ What would it be worth to NOT allow others to drain my energy, or control my mood?

Below are the services & fees I currently offer new clients:

FREE ways to get started:

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2) Click HERE to schedule your first free session and begin moving toward your goals in a meaningful way!

GREAT package to explore coaching, and learn practical tools to improve your life.

Empowerment Starter Pack Includes:
Five Video Modules and Two one-on-one Coaching Sessions
One video module each week on the life-changing tool, Thought Model
Eight downloadable Thought Model practice pages
One 45-minute coaching session after lesson 2
One 75-minute session after  lesson 4
email or text support as needed for 5 weeks
Investment ~ $349

I highly recommend the Empowerment Package!
Why? It takes about 3 months to begin creating sustainable change in any area of life!
It’s also the investment that gives you the most bang for your buck.

The client will empower herself over three months.

Empowerment Package includes:
nine coaching sessions
daily email or text support as needed
one bonus mini-session by phone
five video lessons on the life-changing tool called the Thought Model
eight downloadable Thought Model practice pages
seven-minute guided meditation download

three-minute guided meditation download
photo affirmation created especially for you
*FIRST Empowerment Package also includes one ELI Assessment
with Illumination Session

Investment ~ $1,800

The ELI is an attitudinal assessment that captures how an individual perceives and approaches life, work, and relationships under usual circumstances, and how that individual shows up under stress. It can reveal some limiting beliefs, and other insights about what holds you back, and what allows you to thrive.

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