Coaching Services

How do you know if I am the right coach to help you
create a happier, healthier life? 

Contact me for a little chat!

We’ll explore your hopes, goals, and motivations,
examine the ways energy coaching can help you transform
your life,
and decide if our energy is a good match to partner together

to make those changes a sustainable reality for you!

How much does coaching cost?

It’s incredibly important to remember that you are not purchasing a product. 
You are investing in sustainable life transformation.
What would it be worth to move past what’s been holding you back to create the life you want?

You will know when the time for your own personal growth has arrived.

Contact me when you’re ready to make the lasting changes you desire.

Following are the fees I charge for my services.

One Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment
with Illumination Session to Explore the Results
Investment ~ $210


One Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment
one ELI Illumination Session
nine coaching sessions over 3 months
daily email or text support as needed
one bonus mini-session by phone
seven-minute guided meditation download
photo affirmation created especially for you

Investment ~ $1,800

Package details:

*Ten sessions over 13 weeks. Sessions run 45 to 75 minutes.
*Proprietary ELI Assessment online through iPEC
*Client may reach out by text or email once daily.
*One bonus session of 15-20 minutes can be scheduled for additional support. 
Client will text to schedule a time for the bonus session.
*Receive download link for 7 minute centering exercise guided by Cyndi.
*Cyndi will combine one of the affirmations you create during a session with one of her photographs for a personalized and memorable affirmation.
*Total value of the Empowerment Package is $2,400 if purchased separately.

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