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Coaching Services

How much does coaching cost?

My fees are listed below, however please remember that you are not purchasing a product.
You are investing in sustainable transformation.

Possibly more important questions would be:

▪ What would it be worth to replace endless dieting with lifelong nourished eating?
▪ What would I pay to find a natural and sustainable way of eating that works for me?
▪ What would it be worth to feel confident in my skin?
▪ What would it be worth to allow myself the same support I freely offer others?
▪ What is it costing to suppress or deny my emotions?
▪ What’s the price of living OUT of alignment with my own desires and potential?
▪ What does it cost to keep silent when I have something to say?
▪ What does it cost to feel disconnected from purpose, or passion for living?

Every payment is received with love, joy, and appreciation!

My sliding scale allows more people to access transformation.
I want to make coaching available to all who are ready for it, so I am delighted to allow each client to decide what amount on the scale feels good to pay. I invite you to pay whatever amount you can truly afford, and I’m thrilled and honored to be of service no matter the rate you choose.

Discovery Session

In-depth 75 to 90 minute session culminates with insights into personalized solutions for whatever challenge you are facing, a plan for how coaching can help get you from where you are to where you’d love to be, and at least one action step to move you toward your goal!
Sliding Scale Investment ~  $49 to $199

To book a Discovery Session, please click this link.

To book any of the following packages, please CLICK HERE and schedule a short chat
to see if my coaching is a good match for what you’re growing through.

Emotional Empowerment Pack

Includes two coaching sessions, five video lessons, and eight downloadable practice pages.

This powerful combination of self-study and private coaching provides
an understanding of why we feel the emotions we feel, how to better process them,
and ultimately to change what we are feeling if we choose to do so.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  $250 to $499

Self-Empowerment Package

Includes 10 coaching sessions over three months.
First session for new clients is 75-90 minutes.

Sliding Scale Investment ~ One payment of $800 to $1,500
Two payments of $500 to $800 each

$80 to 150/session (single pay option)

Monthly Nourishment Subscription

Includes two sessions per month.
Additional sessions for $50.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  $180 to $300
Monthly Subscription fee is due on the first day
of each month that you wish to subscribe.

$90 to $150/session
$50/session for additional sessions

Annual Transformation Package

Includes 25 sessions over twelve months.
Additional sessions for $50.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  One payment of $1,800 to $3,000
Two payments of $1,000 to $1,550 each

Best Rate Available
$72 to 120/session (single pay option)
$50/session for additional sessions

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Cyndi Combs ~ 707-515-8324

About Cyndi

Click THIS LINK if you want to read Cyndi’s Massage Bio.
I’m an Empowerment Coach passionate about helping women transform their lives from ‘exhausted and striving’ into ‘energized and thriving!’

What is Empowerment Coaching?

In my practice, Empowerment Coaching includes:
Mindset Coaching
Energy Coaching
Wellbeing Coaching
Transitions Coaching
Confidence Coaching

Some of the things I enjoy helping my clients do:

Shift Mindset
Increase Energy
Create Life Balance
Overcome Personal Challenges
Uncover & Overcome Negative Internal Messaging
Challenge Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions, or Interpretations
Cultivate Self-Compassion
Make Sustainable Changes in Health & Wellbeing
Navigate Life Transitions
Discover Purpose
Identify Values & Connect them to Goals
Map a Path to Goals in Achievable Increments
Identify Opportunities
Cultivate Mastery
Cultivate Awareness & Acceptance
Wield the Power of Conscious Choice

Why is helping transform lives my passion?

My own struggles with food allergies and addiction, paralyzing self-doubt, loss of confidence, and lack of enthusiasm left me desperate to create more joy and satisfaction in my life. 

I enjoyed my thriving career as a highly respected massage therapist, and had a loving supportive family, but a voice in my head kept telling me I was never enough, and that something vital was missing.  Over the years I tried alcohol and food to fill the emptiness.  With the help of AA I overcame the desire to drink in 2002, but the food addiction flourished for another 15 years.

When I discovered I was allergic to dairy, wheat and sugar, I knew that something major was going to have to shift in order for me to make the changes necessary to regain my health. 

Turned out that the biggest shift required was in my thinking!

The thoughts we think can inspire us and lift our energy, or they can drain us and leave us feeling depleted.  Once identified, energy-draining thoughts can be reframed to conserve, or even boost energy.  I’ve been a huge fan of Abraham Hicks since 2010, but as much as that work resonated with me, it wasn’t until I found the tools of coaching that I actually learned how to implement those teachings into my life.  Coaching gave me the tools I needed to make the changes I had wanted to make for decades, and infused my life with abundant energy.  I discovered the ease with which transformation can happen when you have the support and tools you need.  Coaching transformed my life!  I feel more engaged, excited and energized every day.

Now I am passionate about helping other women rediscover their own innate power to create healthier, happier, more energized lives.  With core energy coaching, I helps women identify where they want to grow, uncover & overcome what’s holding them back, and make progress toward their goals, in achievable increments that result in sustainable change.

Self doubt can be banished.  Confidence can be increased. Dreams can be manifested.

If you are resonating with any of this and want to hear more, check out some of my blog posts:

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If you want to read more, please click here to subscribe to my Empowerment Center (blog) where I share ideas each week to increase energy, and add vitality & enthusiasm to our lives.  When you subscribe, I’ll send you a free copy of my eBook, Exhausted to Energized: Three Essential Elements, to get you jump started on your path to energized thriving!

If you are READY to make changes – even if you don’t know what those changes look like yet, or how to get there from where you are standing – click here to schedule a chat.

I tend to swear like a sailor, so if you are offended by f-bombs, I may not be the best coach for you.  If that’s the case, click here for a list of other Certified Professional Coaches that I highly recommend. 

I received my coach training and certification at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Cyndi loves spending time with her family and traveling to beautiful places with her partner Jeremy, and their chocolate dapple dachshund, Boscoe, aka the Ambassador of Happiness.

K Hooser & Laura Grooms – Daniel & Bekkie Combs – Amber Gray & Verla Kellar – Cyndi & Beth Danahy
Cyndi with Boscoe & Jeremy in Yosemite National Park

Cyndi’s other passion is photography.

Cyndi has lived in Northern California for 40 years and is an avid fan of the elegant lines of Bay Area bridges, the crashing surf of California’s coastline, and the stunning beauty of our State and National Parks. Cyndi is intoxicated by the splendor of nature and finds infinite joy in capturing its stunning beauty.  Her landscape and seascape photography is meant to kindle the spirit, and inspire the viewer. 

If you want to explore her art, click here: cyndicombs.com/photography.

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