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This incredible episode of the Magical Spiritual Sandbox podcast manifests instant alignment with the Universe, and also gives listeners the secret to constant alignment with the Universe, should they choose to wield it. ...

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Coaching Services & Fees

How much does coaching cost?

I list my fees below, however more important questions might be:

What would it be worth…
– To feel confident in my skin instead of worried about my weight?
– To replace endless dieting with lifelong nourished eating?
– To release compulsive eating behaviors like overeating, and binge eating?
– To savor life, instead of rushing from one moment to the next?

What is it currently costing me… 
– To suppress my emotions?
– To live OUT of alignment with my own desires, and potential?
– To keep silent when I have something to say?
– To feel disconnected from purpose, or passion for living?

If you’re ready to make changes, or just curious what making changes looks like, contact me for a Discovery Session to see if my services can help you reach your life goals!

Opportunities for coaching with Cyndi…

Relief through Release Playgroup

Relief through Release is an eight-week program of online support, and group coaching where women reclaim their power, recharge their lives, and reshape their relationship with food and body! 

This is not a prescribed diet, nor exercise plan. This is about releasing foods and thoughts that deplete energy, and that varies tremendously from one person to the next! I provide playtime activities and game-winning strategies that can be personalized to suit your body, your lifestyle, your health history, and your preferences, so you can finally release whatever is holding you back!

Complete information, at this link: Relief through Release

One-on-One Coaching

My specialties include:
Women’s Empowerment Coaching
Core Energy Coaching
Mind Body Eating Psychology Coaching

While group coaching takes a general approach to shared interests, private coaching takes a highly personalized approach. Since everything is tailored to your goals, based on your history and preferences, for every hour I spend with you, I spend another hour outside of our session prepping for the session, and emailing notes after. I am also available in between sessions via email/text for additional support, questions, and cheerleading your success.

The investment for ten sessions is $1,800
Sessions are 45 to 75 minutes each.
Scholarship offer available.

Discovery Session

Contact me today for a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session via phone.
We’ll discuss some of your goals and see if my services are right for you!

Transformation Playground

Click HERE to subscribe to my blog, the Transformation Playground. You’ll get an idea of my coaching style, and the types of topics that my clients and I like to play with!

Cyndi Combs ~ 707-515-8324

About Cyndi

Education & Training

Institute for the Psychology of Eating

  • Mind Body Eating Coach (MBEC)
    – Mind Body Nutrition
    – Dynamic Eating Psychology
  • Specializing in:
    – weight & eating challenges
    – compulsive eating behaviors
    – body image issues
    – digestive problems
    – fatigue & low energy

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Master Practitioner Energy Coaching (ELI-MP)
  • Specializing in
    – Women’s Empowerment
    – Energy Coaching
    – Wellbeing of Mind Body Spirit
    – Life Transitions

Diamond Light School of Healing Arts

  • CA State Certified Master Massage Therapist (CMT)
    – anatomy
    – physiology
    – energy work
    – meditation

Other Professional Training

  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) & Fitness Instructor

Life University

My entire life has been leading me to my passion for coaching, and my purpose of helping other women find their way back to their power, their confidence, and happier, more energized lives!

Some of the challenges that have shaped my path include:

Alcohol & Sugar Addictions which helped me understand the importance of a spiritual connection. It also taught me the relief of releasing the thing I thought I could NEVER release, and taught me that with support, understanding and encouragement, I could take my power back from something over which I felt powerless.

Lumbar Disc Issues which taught me about the importance of core strength, and the process of taking one huge goal – back rehab – and breaking it into small, manageable bites that will get you to your goal, given time, perseverance and steadfast adherence to a plan.

Digestive Issues including IBS, SIBO, and diverticulitis which taught me to heal my gut using healthy food, highlighted the importance of releasing physical stressors like allergy foods, showed me the connections between intestinal inflammation and lumbar issues, and taught me to identify allergy foods using food elimination and reintroduction plans.

Low Self-Esteem & Toxic Self-Criticism which are global problems that personalize in individuals. If this resonates for you, please know you are NOT alone! This is a core issue for countless people because it’s been brainwashed into us on many levels from multiple sources in our world, our cultures, and our media. Coaching taught me so many ways to release the toxic self-criticism, and to truly value myself no matter what others think or say. 

Using what I’ve learned to help other women reclaim their innate worthiness, and replace the unrelenting toxic self-criticism with absolute unconditional love is the most fulfilling thing I have ever had the pleasure to do!

Overeating and Soothing with Food which lead me to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I was successfully coaching clients to reclaim their confidence, energize their lives, and reach their life goals, but I was still struggling with overeating and using food to soothe myself. I knew what I wanted to eat to stay healthy, but after dinner I would just eat compulsively. I would constantly eat more than I wanted, and I felt powerless to stop myself. I thought there must be something wrong with me, and told myself I had no willpower, AND… I thought I was all alone.

At IPE, I found the magic ingredients to finally change my relationship with food. Within two months, my after-dinner overeating was nearly non-existent, and when I do choose to eat after dinner, I don’t feel DRIVEN to do so. I’m in tune with my appetite, and feel confident in my food choices even when I choose to eat off-plan. I’m energized and thriving, and I’m passionate about helping others like me find freedom from weight challenges, unwanted eating behaviors, digestive complaints, low energy and fatigue.

I am living this, and loving it!

Contact me today to see if I’m the right coach to help you get from where you are to where you’d LOVE to be!

Just for Fun

Cyndi in Dubrovnik, with Jeremy in Yosemite National Park, and In Trogir, Croatia.
  • I love to dance! I host a Sunday morning free-dance twice a month for fun and exercise.
  • I love when my grown kids come over for mom’s cooking and family game day.
  • I am a huge foodie!
  • My partner and I adore food & travel.
  • I love planning travel, thinking about travel, and making reservations with water views.
  • I’m crazy about Croatia, and can’t wait to travel there again!
  • I love to hike in nature!
  • I have a passion for landscape & seascape photography!

I have lived in Northern California for 40 years and I adore the elegant lines of Bay Area bridges, the crashing surf of California’s coastline, and the stunning beauty of our State and National Parks. I am intoxicated, and uplifted by the splendor of nature and find infinite joy in capturing its stunning beauty.  I love shooting beaches, bridges, waterfalls, and medieval cities with walls!

My intention is for my photographs to lift the spirit, and inspire the viewer.

If you want to explore my art, click THIS LINK. I also have 500 images with positive affirmations on them HERE – free for anyone to use!

Transformation Playground

Gratitude Infusion!

This incredible episode of the Magical Spiritual Sandbox podcast manifests instant alignment with the Universe, and also gives listeners the secret to constant alignment with the Universe, should they choose to wield it.

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