The Art of Positive Thinking

Landscape photography is my hobby.
Positive affirmations have helped change my life.

I combined the two originally as a way of encouraging a friend when she was going through a difficult life transition.
I have sold over 80 hard copies of my two books “Live Joy Fully” and “Practice Happiness Daily”
where some of these affirmations were originally published, but I offer them here FREE to download!

Please use these reminders to uplift your life and the lives of others.

All I ask in return is that IF YOU POST THEM ANYWHERE


I include more than 300 inspirations here and will add more as I create them.  Some will appeal to you on some days and others will appeal to your needs or situation on a different day.  I choose a few that currently resonate with me to read and practice for a period of time, and then change to new ones to practice as different ones inspire me.

It is NOT intended to practice all of these each day!

That would be overwhelming and unhelpful.  I put some of my favorite affirmations on more than one photo.  Choose the image that speaks to you.  Choose the affirmations and the images that resonate with your soul and lift your vibration!

One example is if you are starting a new wellness plan, download the health and wellness section
and focus on a few that resonate with you for a few days to a week.


“Source” or “God” or “Infinite Intelligence” has the highest vibration possible; that of unconditional love and appreciation.  If you’ve ever fallen in love, you know the vibration.  Matching that vibration deliberately as often as possible is the key to a magical life.  That’s why the above affirmation is one of my favorites!

I have divided my affirmations into eight categories below.

Some appear in more than one category.  There are currently more than 400 unique images with affirmations that I have collected from a variety of inspiring sources.

My most recent inspirations come from the coaching school I am attending. Earlier inspirations come from Florence Scovel Shinn, Tosha Silver, Jill Lebeau, Michelle Dwyer, and the work of Esther & Jerry Hicks.

Please click a link to open a page with those affirmations on it.

Find the ones that make you feel happy, and look at them often just to practice the vibration of happiness!

That’s ME practicing happiness in Hawaii in 2013.

Practice positive affirmations when you are feeling cheerful to build momentum in your positive vibration.
When you are feeling less than positive, or low-vibe, the affirmations will not resonate as strongly.
That’s a good time to try meditating, or just go take a nap.

Practice Happiness Daily!


Esther Hicks and Abraham continue to be a huge source
of inspiration and upliftment in my life.

Abraham Inspired Affirmations.

For more wonderful uplifting information from Esther and Abraham, check here:


Raise Your Vibration

Health & Wellness

Prosperity & Abundance



Soothe Your Spirit

The above affirmation was created by a dear friend and it speaks to my soul!  One of the best affirmations I have ever read.
I share it here with her permission.

Check back often for new inspirations!

I hope they inspire your Spirit to soar!


That’s a picture of me in the vortex!

Enjoy higher vibrations my friend!