Around the Wall in 80 Frames ~ Dubrovnik, Croatia

Early on September 5, 2017, my fiancé and I walked the walls of Dubrovnik and I shot 368 images of islands and fortresses and tiled roofs and sparkling sea.  These 80 are my favorites and give the viewer a virtual tour.  If you can’t climb the stairs to stroll around the spectacular views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town for yourself, take this virtual tour, Around the Wall in 80 Frames.  If you like the tour, please leave a comment so I know you were here!


All images © Cyndi Combs 2017

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DSC07716_tonemapped copy

Photo taken from bridge to entry gate. The rounded piece on the right end is Bokar Fortress which dates from the 15th century.

We entered the Walls of Dubrovnik near the Pile Gate and headed toward the sea, chasing views of Lovrijenac Fortress.  The Dubrovnik City Walls Walk web page describes the tour in the same direction if you are interested in learning more about the beautiful buildings you see on the tour.  It has a lot of ads to scroll past, but a lot of interesting info as well.


DSC07717_tonemapped copy

Every tour starts somewhere. Ours starts at the bottom of these stairs.


DSC07718_tonemapped copy

My camera is already captivated!


DSC07733_tonemapped copy

Our first view of Lovrijenac Fortress from atop the wall.


DSC07724_tonemapped-2 copy

From the Franciscan Monastery to the Bell Tower, the ancient stones of the main street are highly polished from constant foot traffic over hundreds of years.


DSC07726_tonemapped copy

The colorful laundry, the contrasting colors and shapes of the architecture against the ever changing backdrops of sea and sky made me very happy!


DSC07734_tonemapped copy

We are headed south on the Walls of Dubrovnik toward Bokar Tower (the rounded tower in the shadow in this photo) following the best views of the ever-photographable Lovrijenac Fortress. The awnings in the lower right corner are at the Dubravka Café – a lovely place for breakfast before you begin the tour!


DSC07736_tonemapped copy

The Onofrio Fountain is a great spot to meet friends and fill up your water bottles. Stay hydrated!


DSC07737_tonemapped copy

Very few tourists this early in the day makes for better photos!


DSC07738_tonemapped copy

You can see the wall continuing up from the right corner of the photo and one of the numerous courtyards inside the city walls. I love the beautiful patterns the colored roof tiles make.


DSC07746_tonemapped copy

Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress, often called “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”, is a fortress and theater outside the western wall of the city of Dubrovnik 121 feet above sea level. The canon in this photo sits atop the Bokar tower.


If you are interested, here is a map of the area covered in these photos.


Google found this image on


DSC07749_tonemapped copy

The Minčeta Tower, at the top left of the photo, was built by Italian engineers in 1463. It is the most prominent point in the defensive system towards the land. The tower’s name derives from the name of the Minčeta family, who owned the ground upon which the tower was built. I like the shadow of the bell tower on the Franciscan Monastery.


DSC07754_tonemapped copy

Ruins from the Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991-1992.


DSC07756_tonemapped copy

The patterns of the stones and the lines of the gables!



DSC07765_tonemapped copy

I love the lines and all the windows in this composition!


DSC07766_tonemapped copy

New red tile roof nicely compliments the azure blue sea.


DSC07768_tonemapped copy

Lovely stone buildings, lovely garden.


DSC07769_tonemapped copy

The stones along the wall are beautiful and at this point wind to a little café (see the little umbrellas just ahead?) with AMAZING views and overpriced refreshments. If you forgot to bring your water bottle, you better stop and hydrate!


DSC07774_tonemapped copy

Canons at the café in case you are attacked during cappuccinos.


DSC07777_tonemapped copy

Like I said: AMAZING views.


DSC07784_tonemapped-2 copy

Continuing to follow the beautiful stones east towards Saint John’s Fort.


DSC07784-4255_tonemapped copy

following your photographer along the wall…


DSC07784-4264_tonemapped copy

The walls run an uninterrupted course of approximately 6,360 feet, encircling most of the old city, and reach a maximum height of about 82 feet. The bulk of the existing walls and fortifications were constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries, but were continually extended and strengthened up until the 17th century. – Wikipedia


DSC07784-4265_tonemapped copy

Saint Ignatius Church


DSC07784-4269_tonemapped copy

These roof tiles are old, which means they are originals that did NOT have to be replaced after the war. All the bright red and orange roofs are newly replaced since the war.


DSC07814_tonemapped copy

Spectacular views from every angle and spectacular angles from every view!


DSC07818_tonemapped copy

a small turret overlooking the island of Lokrum


DSC07825_tonemapped copy

this winch helps bring supplies up to the cafés around the walls


DSC07849_tonemapped copy

The view of Old Port from Saint John’s Fort


DSC07852_tonemapped copy

I believe this is the back of the Rozario Church.


DSC07878_tonemapped copy

Left to right: the towers of the Franciscan Monastery, Minčeta Tower & the Bell Tower above Old Port.


DSC07882_tonemapped copy

The Franciscan Monastery and Minčeta Tower dominate a skyline of red tiles.


DSC07883_tonemapped copy

MANY boat excursions available from the very picturesque Old Port.


DSC07884_tonemapped copy

Here we see the dome of the Assumption Cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat of the Diocese of Dubrovnik, towering above red tiles and stone courtyards.


DSC07888_tonemapped copy

Narrow stone streets define life in the walled city.


DSC07889_tonemapped copy

In alignment with the Walls of Dubrovnik, Assumption Cathedral makes a point.


DSC07891_tonemapped copy

a huge stack of paperwork inside the first window betrays ordinary office life inside…


DSC07897_tonemapped copy

Canon and turret overlooking Dubrovnik.


DSC07900_tonemapped copy

Little pink houses stand by Old Port.


DSC07908 copy

The church of St. Sebastian was built in 1466.


DSC07911_tonemapped copy

Looking back at Saint John’s Fort over Old Port.


DSC07917_tonemapped copy

The interplay of tiles, stones and shadows make me giddy!


DSC07920_tonemapped copy

Fort Revelin sits at the northeast corner of the city.


DSC07926_tonemapped copy

The dome of the Assumption Cathedral and the Clocktower set amidst new tiles, old tiles and renovations.


DSC07930_tonemapped copy

Old Port, Saint John’s Fortress and the island of Lokrum.


DSC07933_tonemapped copy

Old Port, Saint John’s Fortress and the island of Lokrum, the tower of St. Sebastian, and the dome of the Assumption Cathedral.


DSC07934_tonemapped copy

St. Sebastian’s tower frames the sparkling sea and Old Port.


DSC07935_tonemapped copy

The Minčeta Tower


DSC07938_tonemapped copy

The Walls of Dubrovnik curve their way up the hill to The Minčeta Tower.


DSC07939_tonemapped copy

Just more pointy things and tiled roofs set against the sapphire Adriatic.


DSC07932_tonemapped copy

The Minčeta Tower at the northwest corner of Dubrovnik was used as a filming location for the “House of the Undying” scene in Game of Thrones.


DSC07940_tonemapped copy

Ruins among new tiled roofs.


DSC07942_tonemapped copy

Old roof, new roof, red roof, blue sky.


DSC07946_tonemapped copy

That pointy thing at the top of tower of St. Sebastian’s kept demanding we shoot it, so we did…


DSC07949_tonemapped-2 copy

Parking near Old Town is a problem – about one space for every 10 or so cars I would guess…


DSC07953_tonemapped copy

Stairs going up, stairs going down.


DSC07956_tonemapped copy

Franciscan Monastery in front of Lovrijenac Fortress.


DSC07957_tonemapped copy

A beautiful red and orange tiled mosaic.


DSC07958_tonemapped copy

The dome of Church of St. Blaise and the dome of the Assumption Cathedral awash in a sea of red tiles set against a magnificent blue Adriatic.


DSC07959_tonemapped copy

The Clocktower, the dome of Church of St. Blaise and the dome of the Assumption Cathedral in front of the island of Lokrum.


DSC07964_tonemapped copy

Red tiled roofs surround the Lovrijenac Fortress and the Franciscan Monastery.


DSC07969_tonemapped copy

This shot shows a pretty long section of the wall . See the crowd of people in the middle of the right side? Then follow the wall down to the lower left of the photo. Around 9:30 am, so the crowds aren’t huge yet.


DSC07969-4305 copy

Stone tower towering into the blue.


DSC07970_tonemapped copy

We finally made it to the Minčeta Tower!


DSC07971_tonemapped copy

Looking down from Minčeta Tower to Fort Bokar and Lovrijenac Fortress at the mouth of Dubrovnik West Harbour, and a basketball court for local kids.


DSC07975_tonemapped copy

The view just keeps getting better the higher we climb!


DSC07978_tonemapped copy

Right above the domed turret in this shot, you can see up on the hill the Restaurant Panorama where tourists land when they take a four minute cable car ride up the hill. I highly recommend going for the view!


DSC07984_tonemapped copy

Lovrijenac Fortess from the window of Minčeta Tower.


DSC07985_tonemapped copy

We’ve nearly come full circle now! We are headed back down toward the entry gate.


DSC07986_tonemapped copy

A small orchard, a bombed out ruin, lovely patterns in red tile roofs and the island of Lokrum.


DSC07989_tonemapped copy

Saint Ignatius Church


DSC07993_tonemapped copy

Comparing old roof tiles to new roof tiles.


DSC07994_tonemapped copy

A small vineyard with a view.


DSC07995_tonemapped copy

Assumption Cathedral and Saint Ignatius Church frame the pointy thing on top of the Franciscan Monastery. And we are back to where we started the tour!

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  1. Elaine

    Simply amazing, Cyndi. You always have a great eye for composition! Thank you for sharing beautiful Dubrovnik with us!! <3

  2. Polly

    What a delicious set of color, texture, and shadows!! Some of those shots of the tiled roofs would make amazing jigsaw puzzles! LOVE!! Think I must add this stop to our European tour in a few years. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Karen Jessip-DeVore

    Cyndi, I have always loved photography & you make it look so easy. These photos are amazing!! I live vicariously thru your lens…. Thank you for sharing so many with us!! Glad you had a good time!!

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