Cyndi’s Fabulous Fucking Toy Box

…a running list of resources that inspire the crap outta me & my clients so we can energize our lives & thrive!

When our lives feel out of balance, the counterbalance is created by cultivating a practice that regularly steeps us in high vibe energy. These books, people, practices, and podcasts are ones that uplift me personally, and help my clients shift their vibration upward.

“The mind is like tofu. It tastes like whatever you marinate it in.” – Sylvia Boorstein

We get to choose to focus on whatever chaos is reigning in the world and marinate in thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt. Or we can focus on some of the resources on this page that calm, uplift, and inspire us, so that we’re marinated in love, joy, confidence, and faith.

Think of this page as a Menu

Don’t try to eat everything, just choose items that sound delicious to your soul!

Try those and see how they feel. If you love it, incorporate it into your life often! If you don’t love it, try a different option. Each of us will create a list of those which most resonate for us, most connect us to our inner power, and practice those. Think of this list as your personal success formula! The more you incorporate the things that feed your soul, the more you align with Source. Then more things that feed your soul flow to you!

If it raises your vibe, stick it in YOUR toy box!

If it is UNDERLINED, it is a link. Click if you want more info.


Esther Hicks

I was first introduced to Esther’s work in 2010. Esther has countless seminars, books, and YouTube videos that instantly became, and remain to this day, my number one source of inspiration and the fastest, most fun way for me top raise my vibration. You will see Esther’s name in this list many times. The link embedded directly below is one of my all time favorite vibe-raising tool!

Recite the Abundance Prayer Daily

Listen to Inspirational Podcasts, Music & YouTube

The Spiritual Sandbox Podcast by Jill Lebeau & Amit West
The Rebel Buddhist Podcast by Ana Verzone
Esther Hicks
Wayne Dyer
Brené Brown
Gabby Bernstein 
Nadia Bolz-Weber
Sue Monk Kidd gives an inspiring interview with Brené Brown
Karen Drucker Music & YouTube

Read Books that Inspire & Uplift:

Choose a la carte Items that Feed Your Soul

  • meditation
  • affirmations
  • journaling
  • write gratitude lists & read them out loud
  • set intentions
  • visualize fond memories & desired futures
  • breathing in the light, breathing out anything that does not serve you
  • physical exercise
  • stretching
  • yoga practice
  • listen to music you love
  • create a “fun file” of ideas you’d love to try and start TRYING them!

Make a playlist of songs that inspire you to wiggle your butt,
and keep it handy for a rainy day, or a sunny morning!

Transform your relationship with food!

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, I help with weight & eating challenges, body image issues, digestive problems,fatigue & low energy. Click THIS LINK to schedule a chat about how coaching can help.

Take Uplifting Courses, Classes, & Seminars

Live in the Flow: Manifest Happiness, Wealth, Health & Love with Jill Lebeau & Michelle Dwyer
Esther Hicks Seminars
Tosha Silver
Freedom School with Ana Verzone
Breathwork with Gurpreet Gill, Intuitive Healer
Amit West, Heartpath Guide & Intuitive

Hire Amazing Coaches & Therapists

Cyndi Combs, Women’s Energy Coach & Mind Body Eating Coach
Jill Lebeau, MS, LMFT~ Living in the Flow Coach & Spiritual Psychotherapist
Kara Nossardi, MFT, Psychotherapy & EMDR Therapy
Michelle Dwyer, MS, CNC ~ Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant
Lisa Kaplin, Coach, Psychologist, Leader
a list of amazing Certified Professional Coaches that I Highly Recommend

Watch Uplifting Movies

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
I’m sure I’ll think of others…

Grow on!

Click on the tools above that appeal to you.
Play with them.
If you love them, KEEP them in your toolbox.
If you don’t love them, try a different tool!