Testimonials from my wonderful clients via Google Reviews and Yelp.

Even though I have had only 2 coaching sessions with Cyndi, I cannot believe what a difference it has already made with myself as a whole. The week following my first session was amazing. I was able to actually have calm peaceful moments, (which I have not had since my husband passed almost 3 years ago). I am so looking forward to where my next sessions lead me.”

~ ST in Vallejo, CA

After only two months, my insatiable desire to snack after dinner is almost completely gone. I can’t believe it was this easy. I thought I was eating a healthy low fat diet, and it turns out THAT was why I couldn’t stop snacking! I’m eating more food, and I am starting to release excess weight!

~ SL in San Francisco, CA

Cyndi is a great coach- she’s patient with her clients as they learn. She’s funny, insightful, informative and easy to work with. I like how she celebrates the smallest “aha” moments as she guides you in your journey.

~ PC in Vallejo, CA

Cyndi has been very helpful in keeping me focused and keeping me grounded and bringing me back to earth when I lose it. She has taught me a lot about enjoying what I’m eating and being mindful when it’s meal time. I derive great enjoyment from our sessions. I find them very useful and Cyndi very uplifting.”

~ BK in Pinole, CA

Cyndi is an awesome coach who helped me tremendously! Besides all the coaching sessions, she includes a series of video classes, which turned out to be the most amazing tool for self-coaching. I learned to stop trash-talking myself which was creating huge doubts and lack of confidence in myself!  I’ve replaced the negative self-talk with more loving thoughts and self-care. I learned to find confidence in myself and trust my passions. I transitioned from a job I was tolerating into a career that I am passionate about. Coaching with Cyndi has been enlightening, and I HIGHLY recommend her.

~ RC in Vacaville, CA

“Working with Cyndi Combs has showed me a whole other deeper level of being.
She is able to identify my patterns that are holding me back from what I want and create new strategies to manage them. By the end of each session I feel heard, challenged and cared for. And by the end of working with her for 5 months, I am a better version of myself, more able to accept who I really am, honor that uniqueness and challenge myself in new ways that I never before imagined.

My relationships with myself, my family and my career are stronger and easier.
I cannot recommend Cyndi enough for her wisdom, intuition, humor and skill of coaching.”

~ SL in Portland
, OR

“Cyndi has an amazing intuitive ability to guide her clients toward their own answers help point them in the direction they were always meant to go.  She has certainly helped me to navigate some challenging situations in my life and thereby enabled me to live my best, most fulfilling, most joyful life, even in the midst of turmoil and tragedy.  You can’t get much better than that!”

~ RM in Shingle Springs, CA

“Cyndi reads energy remarkably well, and always picks up on what I am NOT saying with incredible accuracy. She gets under my surface crap and helps me clarify what is really going on in my head. Instead of draining my energy feeling stuck, I move through my roadblocks, and feel more confidence and enthusiasm than I have in decades. I even have more energy to play with my grandson! 

I understand now that coaching is an investment in my physical and mental health. Everyone in my life benefits from that! I leave each session with Cyndi feeling uplifted, inspired, centered, and calm. Whatever circumstance you are going through right now, I am sure Cyndi can help you create a way through it with more sanity than you thought possible.”

~ LG in Des Moines, IA

“Cyndi is more than a great listener (though, she’s that too!) She is intuitive, compassionate, and active in helping her clients feel empowered to make the changes they want to see in their lives. When I was fortunate enough to be coached by her, she was able to reframe my thoughts in a way that made me feel validated, understood, and capable. She was organized before, during, and after our time together and her follow-up was thorough and helped me take what we spoke about and create actionable steps to move forward in my goals.
Simply said, Cyndi Combs is an incredible coach.”

~ JP in Wichita

“Cyndi had helped to provide me with, and walk me through using, tools that are aiding me in being so much kinder to myself than I have ever been able to before. My default head space for my life has been worry, stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and harshly critical of myself and others. I love being able to talk myself through and out of being stuck in that negative head space and into one that feels good. Cyndi is kind, nurturing, real, keeps the talk going on a very constructive path tailored to what your own goals are and what is going on for you at time you talk.

I highly recommend going for the nine sessions. This truly gives you the time to get deeper in your thinking processes and sink into your feelings. I feel more self-validated than ever before in my life and I am more ready than ever to be my unique self, expressed how ever feels good for me. Working with Cyndi is the confidence enhancer I needed in my life. Thank you Cyndi for being yourself and doing what you do. Forever grateful.”

~ ND in Sacramento, CA

“I immediately felt connected and comfortable with Cyndi. She listens with her heart and genuinely sees my potentials. We’ve discussed topics from career, to family, to relationship, to my personal wellbeing. Though some of these topics felt like they were external pressures that I couldn’t get away from, she started the process from the inside. Because of our work together, I am empowered to be my authentic self and show up with confidence.

Cyndi’s energy makes me excited to get on a call with her every week. Each session, I leave with action steps to take me out of being “stuck.” I reference our conversations often, which makes me think about her every single day. She celebrates my successes, and has made me aware to celebrate my own successes as well. I’ve often kept my eye on the goal and missed the journey. I’m all about the journey now.”

~ KF in Daly City, CA

“I recently undertook a cleanse with the help of Cyndi as she lead a support group for nine days.  Wow!  I can honestly say that I would not have been able to complete it without her assistance.  Her positive energy, tips and tricks, and constant, unwavering cheerleading helped me achieve a goal that was extremely important to me and my health.”  

~ MF in Sparks, NV