Coaching Services

How much does coaching cost?

My fees are listed below, however please remember that you are not purchasing a product.
You are investing in sustainable transformation.

Possibly more important questions would be:

▪ What would it be worth to replace endless dieting with lifelong nourished eating?
▪ What would I pay to find a natural and sustainable way of eating that works for me?
▪ What would it be worth to feel confident in my skin?
▪ What would it be worth to allow myself the same support I freely offer others?
▪ What is it costing to suppress or deny my emotions?
▪ What’s the price of living OUT of alignment with my own desires and potential?
▪ What does it cost to keep silent when I have something to say?
▪ What does it cost to feel disconnected from purpose, or passion for living?

Every payment is received with love, joy, and appreciation!

My sliding scale allows more people to access transformation.
I want to make coaching available to all who are ready for it, so I am delighted to allow each client to decide what amount on the scale feels good to pay. I invite you to pay whatever amount you can truly afford, and I’m thrilled and honored to be of service no matter the rate you choose.

Discovery Session

In-depth 75 to 90 minute session culminates with insights into personalized solutions for whatever challenge you are facing, a plan for how coaching can help get you from where you are to where you’d love to be, and at least one action step to move you toward your goal!
Sliding Scale Investment ~  $49 to $199

To book a Discovery Session, please click this link.

To book any of the following packages, please CLICK HERE and schedule a short chat
to see if my coaching is a good match for what you’re growing through.

Emotional Empowerment Pack

Includes two coaching sessions, five video lessons, and eight downloadable practice pages.

This powerful combination of self-study and private coaching provides
an understanding of why we feel the emotions we feel, how to better process them,
and ultimately to change what we are feeling if we choose to do so.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  $250 to $499

Self-Empowerment Package

Includes 10 coaching sessions over three months.
First session for new clients is 75-90 minutes.

Sliding Scale Investment ~ One payment of $800 to $1,500
Two payments of $500 to $800 each

$80 to 150/session (single pay option)

Monthly Nourishment Subscription

Includes two sessions per month.
Additional sessions for $50.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  $180 to $300
Monthly Subscription fee is due on the first day
of each month that you wish to subscribe.

$90 to $150/session
$50/session for additional sessions

Annual Transformation Package

Includes 25 sessions over twelve months.
Additional sessions for $50.

Sliding Scale Investment ~  One payment of $1,800 to $3,000
Two payments of $1,000 to $1,550 each

Best Rate Available
$72 to 120/session (single pay option)
$50/session for additional sessions

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