Liver Rescue Cleanse ~ Day 7

OOPS! I forgot to mention…

Steamed Brussels with Garlic Maple Drizzle

Steam Brussels sprouts. Cut them in half and drizzle with a mixture of:

Roasted garlic
Maple syrup
lemon juice
pinch Chipotle (optional)
Recipe by Jeremy

Roasted vs. Steamed

Since vegetables don’t come in contact with cooking water during steaming, more vitamins are retained. Dry cooking methods such as grilling, or roasting also retain a greater amount of nutrients than boiling. Thank you Google. I include the forbidden roasted potatoes recipe for reasons stated in my video today.

Rosemary Potatoes

Sauté some garlic  and fresh rosemary in water or vegetable broth.
Add some lemon juice to the garlic and rosemary.
Drizzle the garlic rosemary mixture over the top of steamed potato.

The following is NOT an approved cleanse recipe.

Slice one russet potato into wedges.
Sauté some garlic  and fresh rosemary in water or vegetable broth. Add lemon juice to the garlic and rosemary. Marinate potato wedges for 30 minutes and then roast until browned at 350˚.

Spinach Soup

Soup recipe at this link. I got too lazy to do cucumber noodles, so I just did cucumber slices. Don’t forget to eat at least two apples between lunch and dinner, along with MORE cucumbers and celery sticks.

Detox Symptoms Reported by Day

I will add to this list throughout the cleanse as participants report in ~

Day 1 – caffeine headaches
Day 2 – headaches, gassiness
Day 3 – SIBO symptoms, nausea, diarrhea
Day 4 – SIBO symptoms, brain fog
Day 5 – brain fog & low energy, TIRED of chewing!
Day 6 – gassiness, bloating
Day 7 – brain fog

Medical Medium Recipe Success or Failure

I will update tis list as readers report results ~

Blueberry Muffins – Huge success reported from everyone who tries them
Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – Delicious
Liver Rescue Smoothie – Creamy & satisfying
Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad – seal of approval from cleanse and non-cleanse people alike
Lentil Tacos – Yum – AND child approved!
Nachos Potatoes – one of my favorite MM recipes
Potato Pancake with Cucumber Radish Salad – Weird combo. Jeremy and I liked the potato pancakes, and we liked the salad (though will leave out honey next time), but these two do not belong on the same plate in our opinions.
Liver Rescue Salad – Both options rock
Baked Falafel Salad – Just NO. This was pretty awful and our first disappointment in the MM recipes.
Roasted Veggie Pasta – Will do again, even NOT on cleanse!
Chickpea Quiche – This has been reported from two clients as a big YES!

I would love to hear from you about what recipes you enjoy, what detox symptoms you experience and what triumphs and benefits are yours as well!

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