I Don’t Have Time to Meditate!

My life is BUSY!  Much like yours, no doubt.

We all have jobs to get to every day, and some of us have second jobs.  Some of us commute and that can be like a second job.  I feel fortunate to live ten minutes from my office, so that’s not one of the things that sucks time out of my day, but believe me, there are myriad more because I run a thriving massage practice, I sell my landscape photography, and now am transitioning to empowerment coaching and finishing my grad work at iPEC.

People need time to buy groceries, plan meals, prepare foods, get car repairs, stop for gas, see the doctor, see their therapist, get to the gym, fit in some cardio or yoga, buy clothes, celebrate people they love, spend time with friends and family, keep our homes tidy, wash the cars, mow the lawn, prune bushes, rake leaves, develop professionally, develop personally, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, the list is infinite!  I can’t possibly name all the stuff we need to do.

Then there are people with kids!  Children come with a whole other set of time sinks to drain their parents’ already busy schedules.

So if you keep hearing that meditation is a key foundation to living a better life, you will not be alone if your first thought is, “Who the fuck has time to meditate?  I certainly don’t!” It seems like just one more thing that needs doing, right?

Abraham (Esther Hicks) says that saying you don’t have time to meditate is like saying you don’t have time to look for your car keys, so you’ll just walk from Phoenix to San Diego.  That’s how essential meditation is!  Sure, you can get where you’re going without it, but it’s going to take a WHOLE lot longer to get where you are wanting to go!

When you do a quick search online, it’s easy to find articles about people adopting a meditation practice to improve their lives.  Here is a list of links you may find interesting if you’d like more information:

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Rich, famous, successful people all over the world swear by meditation as a habit that has escalated their prosperity and well being in a meaningful way. 

That may be fine for the rich and famous, after all they have more time on their hands than those of us working two jobs and raising kids without nannies, right? If we had the nanny, and the maid, and a personal shopper & chef, we would have time to meditate and improve our vibration, too!  (Calibrating our own vibration to the vibration of our Source is the whole point of meditation.)

But what if making time to meditate every day gave us the power we needed to excel throughout the rest of our day?  What if regular meditation allowed you to feel less stress?  What if you could enjoy your life more by syncing up with Source energy on a daily basis?  What would THAT be worth?  More peace of mind.  More financial security.  Less stress and time-scarcity.  

Would we make time to meditate if we received all these benefits?

That seems priceless!  All it costs is minutes of our time each day, and a commitment to stick with it until we can see and feel the results for ourselves.

Now, I could go on and on, but I would rather have you take the next
3-10 minutes to sit and follow your breath.

Grow on!

Just breathe…