Liver Cleanse with Cyndi & Friends ~ Coming SOON

If you read about my recent experience with the Medical Medium Liver Rescue Cleanse, or 369 Liver Cleanse, you already know that I found my own results to be miraculously beneficial. 

Jeremy joined me on the cleanse and his results were far less dramatic than my own.  We can safely assume that his liver was far less toxic than my own.  When asked about his own results Jeremy said he felt lighter.  While it’s true that weight loss was a side effect of this cleanse (we each lost about 5-6 pounds over the 9 days), it was not the goal.  A cleaner, healthier, more optimally functioning liver was the goal and I feel very excited that I achieved that goal, as evidenced by the health improvements I feel.

I felt SO freaking good coming off the cleanse it was almost like a high. The inflammation in my low back and right hip that frequently keep me off work vanished.  The symptoms of facial paralysis decreased.  The hot flashes that had been soaking my sheets three or four times a night disappeared. Increased energy was a big benefit I gained from this cleanse as well as improved sleep quality.  The symptoms of SIBO that had begun to reappear are gone!

SIBO Backstory ~

I was diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) 2 years ago.  The symptoms are intensely painful and nauseating and kept me off work for six weeks in early 2017.  The day we left for our three-week European vacation I was so sick I almost stayed home.  I lost 10 pounds on the first 6 days of our trip.  I thought the symptoms were from eating allergy foods, but after reading Liver Rescue by Anthony William, I became convinced that SIBO is a symptom of a toxic and stressed liver.  This was the reason I decided to do this particular cleanse this spring as opposed to cleanses I have used in past years.

I felt SO much better after the cleanse, I want to do it again!

I actually woke up two mornings after the cleanse with the idea in my head that I wanted to bring the healing, energizing benefits of this cleanse to exotic locations across the globe and host cleanse retreats!  I can combine my passion for helping people energize their lives, with my passion for planning travel, and my new found passion of energizing through cleanse.

My very next thought was that I want to do it again!  I got these amazing results from deep cleaning, nourishing & hydrating my liver once.  How many more results will I get on another cleanse?  The experiment is too intoxicating NOT to try, so I am doing the cleanse again beginning May 16.  Jeremy has no intention of undertaking this cleanse again until next spring, but I am lucky that he is willing to undertake a modified version of the cleanse and help me with food prep. His support is a huge blessing for me.

Supporting Others

Of course I have been touting the cleanse and the book from whence it came to anyone who will listen.  Currently four of my clients and two of their husbands have bought the book and are preparing to undertake the cleanse!  I am thrilled for them and can’t wait to see what benefits THEY reap from the cleanse.

To support them in their efforts, I have decided to run a 15 day cleanse support group for this 9-day cleanse!

Why 15 Days of Support for a Nine Day Cleanse? 

Because we don’t all live on the same schedule.  It is truly beneficial to rest as much as you can on day nine as your liver is busy taking out the toxins.  My days off are Thursday and Friday, so I plan to start my cleanse on a Thursday and end on a Friday.  For those working Monday to Friday it will make more sense to start on Saturday and end on a Sunday.  One of my clients who plans to do this cleanse is attending a wedding on the 18th, so she naturally wants to start after that occasion.

I plan to start the support sessions on May 15, start my cleanse the 16th, end on the 24th and continue the support through the 29th.

Anyone else wanna play?

  • If you have done at least one cleanse of any type in the past,
  • If you have wanted to reduce or eliminate inflammatory foods,
  • If you have liver or gall bladder issues,
  • If you have/had SIBO, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, adrenal stress, fatigue, weight issues,

I invite you to join us in our nine-day healing adventure!

We’re going by the book, so buy the book!

I will not attempt to explain the cleanse to you!  It takes Anthony nearly 500 pages to do that in Liver Rescue, and you really need to read it to understand WHY you are undertaking the cleanse, why it is important to YOU in particular based on your own health and experience. You need to be mentally and physically prepared to take on a restrictive regimen for nine days.  The book includes over a dozen healing recipes and eight meditations to help you focus on the purpose of the cleanse, which is to help the liver release years of stored toxins.

You must have the book to attempt the cleanse.  It contains the guidelines and immeasurable wealth of knowledge that you will need to refer to throughout the nine days and beyond.  What I hope to add to this experience for you is help with planning & preparation before and during the cleanse, knowledge of what you might expect during each phase, as well as support and inspiration throughout the process.  I’ll let you know each day what is going on with me, and what feedback I am getting from other participants about what’s going on for them.

It is truly, deeply helpful to know that you are not alone in this journey because it is challenging.  Most of us eat whatever we choose to eat whenever we choose to eat.  Much of that is based in habit, and making decisions when hunger strikes rather than planning ahead.  Preparation time for the cleanse foods takes planning ahead especially if you need to bring these foods to work with you and be ready to leave early.  That may mean getting up an hour early to prepare.

Planning ahead is key!

Organization is one of my superpowers, so as I prepared to do this 369 liver cleanse back in April, I put it all on paper!  I had created 3 grocery lists for each of the three phases of the cleanse a full week before Day 1 arrived.  Jeremy and I had a nine-day menu written prior to making the grocery lists.  This is something I can help with and plan to provide.

Participation is Free

I see myself leading these cleanse retreats in places like Hawaii and Fiji and Bora Bora in the future.  Won’t it be delightful to go somewhere relaxing where you can distract yourself swimming with dolphins or relaxing in a hammock overlooking the palm dotted white-sand beaches, while someone prepares your daily cleanse foods for you!

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But for this first support group, participants are supplying their own location, activities schedule, and food prep.

And this is all SO fresh in my head I don’t even know yet how I want to provide the support!  I am considering creating videos to update the support group daily, but currently do not have the tech savvy, so may end up writing the daily updates.  Either way – video or written text – the best way to make the information accessible is to post it here in my Empowerment Center.  – In case you hadn’t noticed, I have rebranded my blog as an empowerment center because I expect it to be a valuable resource for people to refer to when empowering themselves to energize their lives!

It’s also possible that video conference calls may work, but I am not sure of details on that yet.  Since the group is so small, I will provide daily support by text or email any time someone reaches out.  If you have questions, I will do my best to find the answers for us.  If you feel extra challenged one day, I’ll do whatever I can to listen and support you through the challenges.  Just reach out to me.  I’m here for you! 

I want you to succeed, and feel powerful in your ability to transform your health.

I still run a full-time massage practice and have coaching clients and iPEC classes, so this is fresh, new, untested water and the whole thing depends on the feedback of participants to help me create what’s needed to support them.

So this inaugural session of my guided cleanse is free if you want to join our small group of adventurous souls and release the toxins your liver may be holding. The only thing i ask in return is your honest feedback about your experience and challenges, any detox symptoms you may experience, benefits gained, and thoughts on what I can do to better support the NEXT cleanse group I lead!

For me the rewards of detoxing my liver far outweighed the challenges, and by the time it got challenging at all, I was halfway to the finish line!

Even if you don’t have time in your schedule in May that works for you to try the cleanse, you can follow along to get motivation to try it later, or inspiration to stick with a different cleanse that may resonate for you.