Deep Gratitude for 2021

I’ve heard a LOT of people this past few weeks saying “good riddance” to 2021, decrying what a foul year it was, and how happy they are to be past it.  It’s completely understandable.  Plenty of negative things happened last year and it’s easy to focus solely on those. The media certainly does.

I want to give shout out to all the good shit that happened!

Let’s not take a one-sided inventory.  What we look at is what we attract.  If we choose to just look at what went wrong in 2021, then we set ourselves up to attract more of that.

Personally, I found a lot to be thankful for in 2021.

  • My partner beat cancer and it hasn’t returned.
  • We got to travel to Hawaii while he was recovering from radiation.
  • I was awarded a small business grant from the county in which I live.
  • I was introduced to Virtual Trips which has added tremendous joy to our lives.
  • We made new friends.
  • We traveled to Croatia to capture some fabulous new photos.
  • I sold art!
  • I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter.
  • I have a hot water heater.
  • We have a roof over our heads.
  • We shared the year with a very spotty dog.
  • Though loved ones were touched by COVID, each of them recovered.
  • I was able to replace my car when it needed replacing.
  • The sun came up every day, even on days I couldn’t see it.
  • We have enough money.
  • I am growing in awareness.
  • My coaching practice is growing.
  • My massage practice is thriving.
  • I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I get to visit so many others!
  • I find blessings in challenges.  Most days.
  • More people are reading my blog and leaving comments.
  • I’m not hard on myself like I used to be, beating myself up over perceived imperfections and missteps.  That feels REALLY good!
  • I get to help people every day!

Grow on!

I challenge you to make a gratitude list for 2021!

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  1. I LOVE this so much. Yay!!! cancers @$$ got kicked and sent packing forever. You’re so right there IS so much to be grateful for.

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