I Celebrate Success & Rebrand My Blog!


I’m sending this blog post out to ALL of my email lists – family & friends, massage, photography, and coaching clients – to announce my graduation from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating!

I’m thrilled and excited to have completed this amazing course in Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. I’m even MORE thrilled by the amazing results my clients are already reporting!

Please click THIS LINK to read what my clients are saying. 

I have found my passion and purpose in life. I adore helping people grow in awareness, and watching them transform their relationship with food and body!

The clients I am serving now are those who struggle with weight, body image, low-energy, digestive issues, or compulsive eating behaviors like stress eating, overeating, and binge eating. I am delighted to have all kinds of new processes and practices in my toy box to help people navigate some of the same things with which I have struggled in life.

Please share this blog post with everyone just in case I can help support them through any of these challenges! I truly appreciate you taking the time to refer me to others!

So WHO might benefit when you share this?
Those who wish to:

  • Replace endless dieting with lifelong nourished eating.
  • Release unwanted, or compulsive eating behaviors.
  • Find a natural and sustainable way of eating that suits their own body.
  • Savor life instead of rushing from one moment to the next.
  • Feel confident in the skin they’re in, instead of feeling worried about what they weigh.

Join me on the Transformation Playground!

Something else that has me super excited and delighted is rebranding my Empowerment Blog into the Transformation Playground

Empowering people to transform their life from exhausted and striving to energized and thriving is still my objective, but the former title makes it sound like I am the one responsible for the empowerment. People empower themselves by playing with new ideas, and experimenting with releasing depleting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. 

The Transformation Playground provides toys and techniques that help us examine new ways of thinking.  It’s a supportive space for each individual to explore what feels healthy for them, so that we each empower ourselves through exploration and choice.

Spiritual Sandbox

One of the toys that THRILLS me over and over again is the Spiritual Sandbox Podcast!

Jill Lebeau and Amit West bring high vibes, unconditional love, and a whole bunch of laughter to this incredible resource for upliftment and expansion. Spiritual growth has never been so fun and easy!

There will be MUCH to explore on the Transformation Playground, but I will always point the way to the Sandbox first!

Grow on!

Here are some great ways to begin YOUR journey of transformation!

Subscribe to the Transformation Playground at THIS LINK, and each week you will get tidbits, toys, and techniques that allow us to transform our relationship with food & body, motivational images, ongoing encouragement, and recommendations for all kinds of fun that helps us grow, and evolve into the highest version of ourselves. 

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Cyndi Combs CPC, MBEC