Deprivation or Liberation?

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any cleanse for anyone.  Should you choose to undertake a cleanse of any kind, I highly recommend that you speak with your naturopath or other trusted health-care provider to discuss what’s right for you.

I am preparing to do a cleanse.

To a lot of people this may sound frightening, uncomfortable, or possibly unfamiliar.  What does it even mean to do a cleanse?  There are myriad cleanses out there and I have tried a few.  In the simplest terms, doing a cleanse just means eating clean, or cleaner than what is ‘normal’ for you, for a specific amount of time.  For some people a cleanse might be eliminating one, or a few foods.  Some cleanses are bottled and branded, and come with meal-replacement shakes and all kinds of supplements.  The Elimination Diet is a fairly common cleanse that can be safely used over several weeks or months to identify problem foods specific to each person.

One of my personal favorites is the Liver Rescue Cleanse (LRC) from Anthony William.  I’ve done it four times previously at various times of year and it always leaves me feeling lean and energized.  Maybe my liver needs a little extra TLC because I drank like a sailor through my twenties and thirties.  Or maybe my liver is sluggish from eating a lot of high fat foods.  Whatever the reason, each time I do this cleanse, I walk away feeling fantastic.  It works for my body.  

Anthony wrote two full books on this cleanse, so I won’t try to explain it.  I will say that over nine days I eat unlimited quantities of a very restricted variety of foods.  Unlimited quantities.  I eat as much as I want of what’s on the menu, but there’s not much on the menu – mostly produce, no starches or fats after the third day.  Anthony has prescribed specific foods that are healing for the liver.  The nine days allows the liver to release some of the toxins it’s been holding onto for awhile.

I have seen improvement in immunity and digestion, as well as cleared up rashes, eliminated night sweats, reduced inflammation and lost weight.  But even after I describe all of these highly desirable affects, invariably someone will ask how I can put myself through this kind of deprivation.  

That’s easy.  I don’t see it as deprivation.  Quite the opposite, it’s my liberation.  I am liberated from making decisions about food for at least nine days.  I am liberated from cravings for depleting foods.  I am liberated from excess calories.  I am liberated from the inflammation and extra weight.  I feel powerful when I align myself with eating that is meant to optimize my health.  And by the end of the cleanse I am reminded that I can thrive on far fewer calories than I normally feed myself.  And I feel lean and powerful! What better incentive could I possibly have?

It’s like pushing the reset button on my appetite and taste buds!

Someone might go on to ask, “But isn’t it hard to eat such limited foods for nine days?”  I like to see challenges as opportunities to rise to my full potential.  I want to come through for me!  I deserve a healthy, good-feeling body, and I want to feel leaner and healthier.  

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Nine days is really not that long!  If there is a particular food that someone thinks would be unbearable to do without for 9 days, it’s highly likely that food needs to be looked at for sensitivities.  Studies have shown that people often crave foods to which they are allergic.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to go on a cleanse.  I’m just illustrating that we get to choose how we see EVERYTHING.

If you WANT the benefits of a cleanse, but have hesitated due to fear of deprivation, let me assure you that if you focus on feeling deprived, you will feel deprived! It’s easy to feel miserable if we obsess on what we’re missing.  Or we can focus on the goal, one day at a time, and find liberation from our trepidation, and so much more.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more about the Liver Rescue Cleanse, I encourage you to check out Anthony William’s website HERE.  You can also find most of his six books at your local library or bookstore.

In 2019, I lead a support group for fifteen people as we undertook the LRC together.  It was really fun to watch others find their balance moving through this path to liberation. 

All of the grocery lists and support videos that I produced for my Liver Rescue Cleanse Support Group are available at THIS link

Do not attempt to undertake this cleanse without thoroughly reading the entire Liver Rescue Cleanse book. Anthony’s book is full of information and support to inspire, soothe, and heal you throughout each phase of the cleanse.