There is no death. We do not die.

Death is a paradox. For those who pass, death is freeing, expansive, exhilarating, and joyful. Those left grieving may feel sadder, and heavier than at any time in our lives. Grief is the place, perhaps, where we most keenly feel separation. We feel as though our loved one has gone, and we cannot reach them anymore. And as real as that thought feels, nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is no separation between us and them, between where we stand and where they have gone. Those who have made the transition from physical to nonphysical are right here with us. Always. They are interested now in all of the things they were always interested in. They are present with us and interested in our experience. They never leave us. They are here now. And now. And now. No matter how long ago they left their physical body, they love us eternally. They are with us continuously. If they were still physical we would trip over them, they are constantly THAT close.

This doesn’t mean we won’t feel grief, sadness, or loneliness after a loss. On the contrary. Experiencing separation, then finding our way back to love and oneness is our purpose in coming here! If we wanted an existence of pure joy and unconditional love, we need never leave nonphysical to come here and be human. 

But nothing beats the thrill of feeling all of the emotions that humans feel. Nothing feels more exhilarating than feeling separation, then remembering our Oneness, our connection, our inner Light. 

Everything is vibration, or frequency. On this physical plane, our vibration is slow and heavy. On the nonphysical plane, the vibration is fast and light. That is how those in nonphysical can exist alongside us without us perceiving them. It’s like we are tuned into one radio station called low and slow, and they are broadcasting on a different station called flying high. 

Consciously tuning ourselves more toward ‘flying high’ allows us to begin to receive our nonphysical friends more often, to feel our connection to them again, to perceive that they are still with us, and feel less alone.

I am not suggesting that we should not feel sadness or loss. Please do! Feel it as deeply as you dare. Experience the grief for as long as seems right for you. But then, when you begin to feel ready, remember that we are not separate from those we love. Remember that they are with us here and now, and allow the feeling of connection to resume.

Watch for messages from them, because they will find ways to tell you they love you. Look for them in rainbows, in the sunlit sparkles dancing across the water, in the quiet morning hours between awake and asleep, in the artistic splendor of a sunset. Look for them when you play their favorite game, at the card table or on the golf course. Feel their presence as you walk along the beach, or through the trees.

Whenever I get goose bumps I say hello to my aunt Verla. I also greet her when I see a cardinal, a turtle, or a duck. These symbols meant something to her in the flesh, and they mean something to her now. They are our sacred meeting places, and it is impossible to feel alone when I allow myself to connect to her presence.

Death is part of the illusion. We are One. All is well.

Grow on!

Every time you think of the one you lost, look around. They are with you! Where do you see/feel their presence?

Ask them questions you might ask them if they were still physical, then be open to receiving their answers. They can still guide us through intuition and inspiration. They can inspire others to tell us what they want us to know.

If you sit quietly and breathe deeply, what would they want you to know?

Consider these two famous poems about NOT dying.
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
Death is Nothing at All