Accepting Divine Guidance

My mother turned eighty this week.  I bought a ticket to fly to Iowa in the dead of winter to help her celebrate the big day, but I didn’t tell her.  I decided to surprise her since no one who knows me would ever suspect that I would fly to Iowa in February.  (I am allergic to snow.)

I have been planning the trip since October.  I bought a new coat since winter coats aren’t really needed here in California.  I bought some leg warmers.  I packed my suitcase about two weeks ago because organization is one of my superpowers.  I paid to check a bag because, winter layers.

Two days before I was to fly it became very clear that travel was not worth the risk of covid, as fully vaccinated and boosted people were being hospitalized with the newest variant.  I chose to cancel my plans.

Of course I was disappointed, but I accepted the situation as Divine Guidance.  This was simply not the right time for my trip.

As I unpacked woolen socks and warm winter wear, I realized I had the next ten days off with nothing scheduled. 

My logical mind rushed in with a plan to reach out and book as many massage clients as possible.  Instantly I felt my energy drop, as if just booking them would exhaust me. 

My intuition speaks to me in my gut.  I have learned that when something feels warm in my gut, I move toward it.  If something feels cold in my gut, I try to move away from it.  Rebooking my week felt cold, but I momentarily resisted my intuition because one of the voices in my head was whispering, “we need the income!”

Luckily for me, a recent episode of my favorite Podcast, the Spiritual Sandbox, was whispering in my other ear, “Give. Yourself. A. Fucking. Break!”  That felt warm.  Then a Karen Drucker song popped into my head to join the party singing, “Money is coming to me easily and effortlessly!”  I laughed with relief, knowing that I didn’t need to break my neck to rebuild the week’s paycheck.  

I finished unpacking and picked up a book I had been meaning to read.  I spent the rest of the day reading and playing a silly word game that I love.  The next day we drove to San Francisco, took a long walk and enjoyed a picnic by the water.  I went shopping for a new pair of walking shoes one day, and found a really great deal.  I slept late, wrote blog posts, and finished watching the Book of Boba Fett on Disney. I meditated each morning, and made time to journal, and connect with friends.

I let my mom in on the planned surprise and Divine redirect. She agreed with the wisdom of my choice. We chatted daily, and agreed to celebrate her birthday in May when Iowa weather won’t be so bitter. 

It was a really relaxing, energizing week.

My tax refund arrived yesterday and covered the week’s bills. I feel well-rested, rejuvenated and ready to rock a full week of coaching, and massage clients!  I needed time off more than I realized. The Universe knew that, and arranged it for me – when I was willing to follow my gut.

The Universe is always guiding us.

Grow on!

What is your gut telling you?
When you consider a decision, does it feel warm or cold?
What happens when you follow that guidance?

The magical power of the almighty list!

Ah, yes, the humble list.  People tend to love the list or hate the list, but as tools go it’s pretty extraordinary for both action-taking individuals and procrastinators alike.  I love lists!  When I have a big project going, I make a list of the lists I need to make.  My mother is a list maker, so maybe it’s hereditary.  I refer to my lists frequently, and often recommend making a list as a helpful tool for my clients.  

Last week, one of my clients told me that when she makes a list, she invariably loses it.  I asked her how often she loses her phone.  When she admitted that she’s never without that vital instrument for communication, I asked her to play with the idea of keeping the list in her phone.  If you are at your computer screen frequently, you could try keeping your lists in a document on your desktop.  I keep a list of ideas in an email draft that I never plan to send to anyone.  I can access the draft on my phone or computer, and print it out if I need a hard copy.

I’ll never forget when a friend expressed her utter disdain for lists. 

“If I write it down and don’t get it done, that’s like failing.  Every time I make a list I end up feeling overwhelmed, or like I’ve failed.  It’s one or the other and I don’t like either, so I don’t make lists.”

No wonder she hates lists, it made perfect sense.  Every time she made a list, she was using it like a whip to drive herself forward, or punish herself for what she labeled as failure.  Used as a weapon against oneself, the list becomes hateful, instead of valuable.

The list is not a whip.  It’s a basket.

A basket is not punishing.  A basket is quiet.  It sits humbly and holds what we put into it until we are ready to retrieve what we put there.  

Something that can cause me a great deal of stress is worrying that I might forget something important.  I run three businesses with a lot of moving parts, and I get a lot of ideas.  When I get a particularly good idea, my mind runs in circles with it’s arms clutched about the idea thinking, “I must not lose this gem!  MUST hold onto thought.”  That fear of losing something causes unnecessary anxiety – especially if my mind is trying to hold onto several good ideas at the same time.  Lists help me keep track of items without the constant mind juggling.  As soon as I add the idea to the appropriate list, I can let it go, knowing it will be here for me when I come back for it.  Anything that helps relieve stress is magical in my book.

Lists allow us to see everything at a glance.

When the time is right to take action on listed items, a quick glance reveals our options.  I often look at the list of what I’d like to accomplish and pick the one that sounds most fun in this moment.  Alternatively I can choose the item I least look forward to and do that first. Then anything else I mark off the list seems like a cake walk.

I have a basket full of spiritual practices that raise my vibration.  I don’t feel compelled to do all of them every day, but I don’t want to forget about the ones I like doing once in awhile which is easy to do if they are out of sight.  I can browse the list any time and magically pick the one that feels right in the moment.

Lists help us prioritize!

We can make the list in order of importance, or once the list is complete, we can go back and order it numerically, or just add stars to the most important items.

People who are helpers and caregivers can sometimes over-give.  If you are someone who tends to do more for others than for yourself, you are not alone!  When my clients fall into this category, they are often feeling resentful.  I ask them to make a list of the things they want to do for their own health and well-being, and things they want to accomplish. 

The list then becomes a magical tool that can help us stop over-giving.

When someone asks us to help them, we can use the list to discern whether we actually have time to help them, and if their “to-do” is a higher priority than the starred items on our own list.  We can even use one or more items on the list to postpone helping someone, or even say “no” to helping them once in a while.  How would it feel to say, “I am willing to help you with this after I complete (your priority task).”  Or, “I promised not to say yes to helping anyone until I finish writing my resume.”  You get the idea.

The list is an incredibly simple and free tool, yet powerful enough to relieve stress, remind us of our priorities, help us say no, and create what we want to create. 

I’m a fan!

Grow on!

How frequently are you using lists? 
Are you using them as a whip or a basket?
Where is the place you find most effective to keep your lists?
What list could you use right now to help you create what you wish? 
Try making a list of all the lists that might be helpful to you!  Remember these are just baskets to hold great ideas for later! 

Be Your Own Best Valentine

Regardless of our relationship status, each of us deserves to feel loved unconditionally. 

Even when we have romance, it’s possible to feel less loved than we might like sometimes.  The other person in the relationship is human after all.  What if they forget Valentine’s Day, or your birthday?  It more likely means they were focused on something else, rather than they don’t love you, but it’s normal to feel less than completely loved in those situations.

It feels amazing and wonderful to experience love and validation from the world around us, of course it does. We’ll take all of that we can get! But it’s also crucial to cultivate unconditional self-love.

When we deprive ourselves of a deep self-love (which is frequently the case for humans) we actually block ourselves from fully receiving all the love that is flowing to us.  When we refuse to practice self-love, we unconsciously teach others that self-love is not worth practicing.  When we practice the opposite of self-love, beating ourselves up, telling ourselves we are not enough, feeling shame about our bodies, guilt about our food, or questioning our own worthiness, then we increase stress to both mind and body, decrease our energy, weaken our immune system, accelerate disease processes, and feel disconnected from Spirit.

Cultivating deep self-love allows others to love us more deeply, and unconsciously allows others to love themselves more deeply.  Cultivating deep self-love gives us more energy, allowing us to offer more energy to the people and projects we love.  Cultivating deep self-love provides a sense of balance and stability when the world around us is in chaos.  Cultivating deep self-love means our cup is always full to overflowing, so when we choose to serve others we do not deplete ourselves.  Cultivating deep self-love boosts our immunity, and is the healthiest thing we can do for body, mind, and spirit.

photo by Dani Navarro

So I invite each of you to become your own best Valentine!

NOT just on February 14, please. I invite you to be your own best Valentine every single day.  Make sure that connecting with You becomes a priority, until it becomes a habit.  Add time to your schedule each week to date yourself and use that time to connect with You, do something you enjoy, and charge your batteries.  Use the list below as inspiration to create your own ever-changing list of at least ten to twelve things you enjoy doing alone.  When the time you have selected arrives in your schedule, choose something off your list and enjoy!

Don’t put it off, or say you’ll do it later! How would you feel if your lover rescheduled a date?  It would likely make us feel undervalued, or taken for granted! I know that’s how I would feel.  Would we put off a date with someone we were truly in love with to do the laundry ,or scroll the internet, or work overtime?  Not unless it was a true emergency!  Right?

Don’t make yourself feel like an afterthought!  Make yourself number one!  Schedule a date to do something you love with You now, and show yourself how truly loved and appreciated you are!  The BEST way to feel loved and well-cared for is to immerse ourselves in unconditional love consistently, every single day.

Grow on!

These ideas are NOT just for single people!
Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone so you can be totally present with You.

Ideas for dating your beautiful self include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Watch sunrise/sunset at a local beach/park.
  • Lie on a beach, or in your backyard and feel the sun on your skin.
  • Take yourself to a feel-good movie.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Cook your favorite dish.  Put flowers and candles on the table.
  • Take a good book, your journal, or a favorite podcast to the park and spread a blanket in the grass.
  • Create a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom and enjoy a steaming bath with Epsom salts, coconut oil, and lavender.
  • Take yourself to a local cafe to be alone with your thoughts.  Bring your journal.
  • Get dressed up and take a dance class.
  • Write a love letter to yourself.
  • Take yourself to a fancy restaurant and read the love letter to yourself while you wait for your meal.
  • Take a long walk at sunrise or sunset.
  • In front of a mirror, look deeply into your own eyes, and make a list of everything you appreciate about yourself.
  • Take a picnic somewhere pretty and revel in your own company.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do?  Add it to the list!

Who are We?

How do you define yourself?  

Humans define ourselves in many ways.  We are daughters and sons.  We are siblings and parents. We are ‘our career’ (I am a nurse, teacher, ditch digger) or ‘how we spend our time’ (lazy, productive, creative).
We are caregivers and mentors.  We are exhausted or exuberant.
We define ourselves sometimes as sad, anxious, angry, happy, hopeful, content, or the entire rainbow that falls between shame and pure joy.

But this is not Who we are.  These words describe what we are, or how we are in the moment.  We cannot ‘be’ our emotion.  We experience our emotions, we do not ‘be’ them.

When we define ourselves by these descriptors, what happens when the descriptor no longer applies?  Often women have self-defined as “mother” for decades.  What happens when all the babies leave home?  If you have defined yourself by your career, what happens after retirement?  If you define yourself as wife and homemaker – adore that role, lean into it, and are passionate about it – what happens if the spouse wants a divorce, or departs this earthly plane?

If we feel defined by one of our roles, and that role shifts, does that change who we are?  Of course not!  So if we are not defined by our roles, or how we feel emotionally, then fundamentally speaking: Who are we?  Who are you?  

How do we answer that existential question, “Who am I?”

At our core, we are all One, Source energy, Spirit, God.

This is Truth.

When we remember this Truth we FEEL our connection, we are in the flow – literally flowing Source energy, Spirit, God.  We naturally feel confident, secure, passionate, and joyful.

When we become disconnected from this Truth, (or forget temporarily, which is the human way) our energy plummets because we are no longer flowing as much Source energy.  Our energy can become stagnant and depressed if we do not renew the connection.

If we do not believe – or have never been taught – that we are God/Source energy at our core, the disconnection we feel can leave us anxious, fearful, confused, insecure, and dependent on other people for a sense of validation.  If we depend on others to meet our needs, we can easily become resentful if they don’t fill that role because we haven’t learned to turn inward for love and guidance.

Love and guidance are always ours!

When we remember the Truth of who we are, we can learn to listen for, and trust our inner voice, the voice in our heart, the voice of God.  Tuning to our own inner wisdom clears up confusion.  When we try to follow the wisdom of others, confusion ensues because each of those others may have very different ideas about what is right for us.  And MANY of the people around us are disconnected from the Source at our core, which means their ideas of what is right or wrong can come from fear instead of unconditional love.

Lisa Miller PHD, Founder and Director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia University, and author of The Awakened Brain, does a brilliant job reminding us that we are loved, held, guided, and never alone.  She makes a strong case that spiritual disconnection is the biggest challenge facing our youth today, in this two-hour episode of the Rich Roll podcast. It’s long but well worth our time.

When others try to guide our lives, tell us what to do, or make our choices for us, they teach us that there will always be someone there to tell us what to do, someone wiser than us.  Of course we didn’t learn to turn inward for guidance!  Of course we feel adrift when left on our own! 

If we’ve always had someone else steering our course, how on earth do we decide where to go when they are no longer here to guide us, and no one told us we had infinite wisdom inside us?  How can we possibly trust ourselves to make decisions if we have never grown confidence in this skill?

Won’t it be a lovely gift to give our children (siblings, partners, employees) when we instill in them confidence in their own power?!  Let’s teach them they are connected to Source energy always!  Let’s remind ourselves and everyone that we are each loved, held, and guided always, and that to access infinite wisdom at our core, all we need do is turn inward, and listen!

Grow on!

How much does it resonate for you that you are Source energy having a human experience?  Try saying the following affirmations aloud and see how they feel when you say them:

I am pure spirit.
I am eternal light.
I am Source Energy.
I am God in human form.
I am Divine.
I have access to all I need to know, inside me.

If one or more of these resonate for you, play with saying them several times a day to see what it does for your energy!

If none of these resonate for you, ask yourself how often you feel joyful, resilient, and full of vibrant energy? 
What will change for you when you trust your inner voice? 
What’s it worth to feel confident, worthy, calm, trusting, and joyful?
What’s holding you back?
What will it take to get over that block?

Sometimes coaching can help us get passed that stuck energy. If you’d like to find out if I am the right coach to help you move forward, schedule a free chat at this link to find out!

Stop and Play in the Sandbox!

I know I have talked about my favorite podcast before, Spiritual Sandbox with Amit West and Jill Lebeau. So at the risk of repeating myself,

What a fucking BRILLIANT podcast!  

Jill and Amit bring so much joy and light to my world!   Their podcast is a gift, and I love playing with them in the Spiritual Sandbox!

Currently they have fourteen episodes to which I listen repeatedly to absorb the joyful vibration and the pure, unconditional love!  It never fails to open my heart and release any stress I was holding. Each and every one of them is my favorite episode, but the newest episode with special guest Karen Drucker might be my most favorite.  Karen is an extraordinary woman who writes and sings songs meant to heal, inspire and empower.

Not only am I adding Karen’s music to my Fabulous Fucking Toolbox, but during the podcast she mentions a tool she uses – the fun file – that I am also adding to my FF Toolbox!  

The episode left me jubilant!  Karen is full of joy and enthusiasm – much like Jill and Amit – and I felt positively giddy as I scrolled Karen’s website downloading her musical affirmations. I quickly had several of the catchy tunes lodged neatly in my brain. I found Money is Coming to Me, Gifts of the Goddess and I Give Myself Permission to be particularly catchy. I felt joyful dancing around my living room!

Karen writes music to inspire a positive vibration.  She creates beautiful positive affirmations set to inspiring rhythms and I absolutely adore all of it!  Karen talked about writing a song for a friend undergoing treatment for cancer, called Healed, Whole, and Healthy.  Her intention was for her friend to listen to the song as a vibrational healing tool while getting her physical treatments. “Like putting a double whammy on the disease,” she said. I love this idea!

We receive so much negative messaging throughout our day, Karen’s songs shift that messaging back toward love, back toward the Divine in each of us.  Her chants help us reframe the messages in our head that want us to believe we are not enough, the voice that tells us to play small, and fear the unknown.

As an energy coach, reframing is my favorite tool. Karen’s music takes that tool to astounding new heights!  If you’re looking for a really fun way to lift your vibe on a daily basis, I highly recommend all of her chant CD’s.  You can also purchase collections like healing or prosperity if you want to focus on a particular manifestation.

Grow on!

What are you doing every day to raise your vibration?
Try playing in the Spiritual Sandbox and see if that feels like fun to you!
Listen to Karen Drucker on YouTube or her website and see if you don’t feel deeply happy and inspired!

Deprivation or Liberation?

Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any cleanse for anyone.  Should you choose to undertake a cleanse of any kind, I highly recommend that you speak with your naturopath or other trusted health-care provider to discuss what’s right for you.

I am preparing to do a cleanse.

To a lot of people this may sound frightening, uncomfortable, or possibly unfamiliar.  What does it even mean to do a cleanse?  There are myriad cleanses out there and I have tried a few.  In the simplest terms, doing a cleanse just means eating clean, or cleaner than what is ‘normal’ for you, for a specific amount of time.  For some people a cleanse might be eliminating one, or a few foods.  Some cleanses are bottled and branded, and come with meal-replacement shakes and all kinds of supplements.  The Elimination Diet is a fairly common cleanse that can be safely used over several weeks or months to identify problem foods specific to each person.

One of my personal favorites is the Liver Rescue Cleanse (LRC) from Anthony William.  I’ve done it four times previously at various times of year and it always leaves me feeling lean and energized.  Maybe my liver needs a little extra TLC because I drank like a sailor through my twenties and thirties.  Or maybe my liver is sluggish from eating a lot of high fat foods.  Whatever the reason, each time I do this cleanse, I walk away feeling fantastic.  It works for my body.  

Anthony wrote two full books on this cleanse, so I won’t try to explain it.  I will say that over nine days I eat unlimited quantities of a very restricted variety of foods.  Unlimited quantities.  I eat as much as I want of what’s on the menu, but there’s not much on the menu – mostly produce, no starches or fats after the third day.  Anthony has prescribed specific foods that are healing for the liver.  The nine days allows the liver to release some of the toxins it’s been holding onto for awhile.

I have seen improvement in immunity and digestion, as well as cleared up rashes, eliminated night sweats, reduced inflammation and lost weight.  But even after I describe all of these highly desirable affects, invariably someone will ask how I can put myself through this kind of deprivation.  

That’s easy.  I don’t see it as deprivation.  Quite the opposite, it’s my liberation.  I am liberated from making decisions about food for at least nine days.  I am liberated from cravings for depleting foods.  I am liberated from excess calories.  I am liberated from the inflammation and extra weight.  I feel powerful when I align myself with eating that is meant to optimize my health.  And by the end of the cleanse I am reminded that I can thrive on far fewer calories than I normally feed myself.  And I feel lean and powerful! What better incentive could I possibly have?

It’s like pushing the reset button on my appetite and taste buds!

Someone might go on to ask, “But isn’t it hard to eat such limited foods for nine days?”  I like to see challenges as opportunities to rise to my full potential.  I want to come through for me!  I deserve a healthy, good-feeling body, and I want to feel leaner and healthier.  

Google image

Nine days is really not that long!  If there is a particular food that someone thinks would be unbearable to do without for 9 days, it’s highly likely that food needs to be looked at for sensitivities.  Studies have shown that people often crave foods to which they are allergic.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to go on a cleanse.  I’m just illustrating that we get to choose how we see EVERYTHING.

If you WANT the benefits of a cleanse, but have hesitated due to fear of deprivation, let me assure you that if you focus on feeling deprived, you will feel deprived! It’s easy to feel miserable if we obsess on what we’re missing.  Or we can focus on the goal, one day at a time, and find liberation from our trepidation, and so much more.

Additional Resources

If you are interested in learning more about the Liver Rescue Cleanse, I encourage you to check out Anthony William’s website HERE.  You can also find most of his six books at your local library or bookstore.

In 2019, I lead a support group for fifteen people as we undertook the LRC together.  It was really fun to watch others find their balance moving through this path to liberation. 

All of the grocery lists and support videos that I produced for my Liver Rescue Cleanse Support Group are available at THIS link

Do not attempt to undertake this cleanse without thoroughly reading the entire Liver Rescue Cleanse book. Anthony’s book is full of information and support to inspire, soothe, and heal you throughout each phase of the cleanse.

Deprived or Energized?

“I’m going to feel deprived!”  

That is one of the limiting beliefs that held me back for years from reaching my health goals.  I was convinced I would feel deprived if I didn’t eat pizza, or delicious baked goods and sugary treats.  For years I would say I wanted to eat healthier foods, but in my heart I didn’t WANT to lose my favorites!  The problem with some of those favorites is that once I started eating them I wouldn’t stop until they were gone.  If the supply was large enough, I would binge on the cookies or fudge or other yummy treats. 

But after a binge, I always felt deprived of my energy, and powerless. – like some other power possessed me and MADE me eat those cookies.

When health issues forced me to to abstain from certain foods altogether, I was sure I would feel deprived forever.  But once I stopped eating the foods to which I had been giving my power, an intriguing thing happened.  I didn’t feel deprived or hungry.  I felt satisfied, powerful, and more confident in my body.

I became more energized.  I am physically more energized because
I choose nourishing foods instead of depleting ones, but I am also more energized because I am not draining my energy wondering, “Why can’t I control myself? Why can’t I reach my health goals? What is wrong with me?”  Anyone familiar with this cycle knows how draining it can be.  It depletes one’s energy and erodes the confidence.

I have confidence that I can thrive on a lot less food than I used to eat. 
I have confidence that high-nutrition food can be delicious and satisfying.  I have confidence that I can make important changes in my health and well-being, and I am enthusiastic about feeling healthier and stronger!

I kept telling myself that if I made changes in my eating to improve my health I would feel deprived.  That belief held me back for a long time, but no more!

I’m going to feel energized!

Every time I choose to eat for optimal health, I feel energized and empowered.  Every time I choose to eat for optimal health, I am choosing unconditional love.  Every time I choose to eat for optimal health, I feel energized by my choice!

Grow on!

What’s keeping you from reaching your health goals? 
What do you believe about your health goals? 
Are those beliefs moving you toward your goals or keeping you from them? 
What will change for you when you shift limiting beliefs into inspiring beliefs? 
What is it you’re ready to change?

Deep Gratitude for 2021

I’ve heard a LOT of people this past few weeks saying “good riddance” to 2021, decrying what a foul year it was, and how happy they are to be past it.  It’s completely understandable.  Plenty of negative things happened last year and it’s easy to focus solely on those. The media certainly does.

I want to give shout out to all the good shit that happened!

Let’s not take a one-sided inventory.  What we look at is what we attract.  If we choose to just look at what went wrong in 2021, then we set ourselves up to attract more of that.

Personally, I found a lot to be thankful for in 2021.

  • My partner beat cancer and it hasn’t returned.
  • We got to travel to Hawaii while he was recovering from radiation.
  • I was awarded a small business grant from the county in which I live.
  • I was introduced to Virtual Trips which has added tremendous joy to our lives.
  • We made new friends.
  • We traveled to Croatia to capture some fabulous new photos.
  • I sold art!
  • I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter.
  • I have a hot water heater.
  • We have a roof over our heads.
  • We shared the year with a very spotty dog.
  • Though loved ones were touched by COVID, each of them recovered.
  • I was able to replace my car when it needed replacing.
  • The sun came up every day, even on days I couldn’t see it.
  • We have enough money.
  • I am growing in awareness.
  • My coaching practice is growing.
  • My massage practice is thriving.
  • I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I get to visit so many others!
  • I find blessings in challenges.  Most days.
  • More people are reading my blog and leaving comments.
  • I’m not hard on myself like I used to be, beating myself up over perceived imperfections and missteps.  That feels REALLY good!
  • I get to help people every day!

Grow on!

I challenge you to make a gratitude list for 2021!

Fuck the Resolutions

Many people start thinking about making changes in their life around this time of year and lots of us resolve to “do better” at something.  People tend to think of New Year Resolutions in broad strokes, making BIG changes that last all year.  According to Forbes, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail for a variety of reasons.

One reason resolutions can fail is that humans tend to want the whole enchilada and when it does not come fast enough, we get discouraged and may stop trying.  If the goal is to “reduce body mass by 30 pounds,” then you’ve only succeeded after the 30 pounds are gone.  Every day between now and the day the weight is gone, we have “failed” to meet the goal. See? 

If we’re after a big goal, we’re more likely to reach it if we have support in the way of an accountability partner or coach, and if we break that big goal into steps that become smaller goals that build confidence as we go.  

So I say fuck setting one big resolution for the year that “changes everything.” I recommend that clients create smaller sustainable intentions that are actually steps leading to their big goal.

What’s one small change you can make today that you could maintain for one week?  There are millions of changes we could choose to focus on, but which one feels most beneficial for you right now?  

Here are just a few that my clients choose to focus on:

  • Increased hydration
  • Move the body more
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Track foods/food journal 
  • Add supplements

Instead of trying to do all of these things (and more) until the big goal is achieved, set an intention to focus on one thing today.  Just one.  Just for today.

Then tomorrow, set an intention to focus on that same thing.  If you follow your daily intention every day for a week, it is becoming more familiar, less cumbersome to carry out.  At the end of the first week, ask yourself (if you’re ready) which change you most want to undertake next.  Then you can choose that as your new daily intention – alongside last week’s intention.  

By the end of the January you will have made four small changes that you are practicing regularly.  The first two at least will already feel like habit.  You’ll have reached four goals already, and be on your way toward your BIG goal. 

These small daily/weekly successes are the building blocks of the confidence we need to make those bigger changes.  One reason resolutions can fail is we don’t have the confidence that we are capable of creating change.  So building confidence daily and weekly with changes that create improved health and well-being is crucial.

Even if you stick with the first intention from the first day and let that be your guiding intention for the whole month, think how much can change with just one change!  Any one of the changes listed above done repetitively for one month (renewed each day as our intention) will create change we can see or feel.

It’s easier to maintain focus for one day than for a full year, so daily intentions can be far more effective than year-long resolutions. Set those big goals for sure, but let your daily intentions carry you toward them one small step at a time.  

Grow on!

What will change for you if you make just one small change today? 
What’s one small change you can make today? 
How possible is it to maintain that change for a week?
What change do you most want in your life? 
How can you break it down into smaller action steps? 
What is your intention for today?
How can I help you with that? 

Helping clients get past what’s holding them back to reach their goals is what I do! Schedule a free 30-minute chat HERE to see how coaching can help you reach whatever goal you are ready to reach! You will walk away with at least one action step to move you in the direction of your goals, and a better understanding of what coaching is and how it works.

Count Your Fucking Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I recently saw a friend that I hadn’t seen since COVID began.  She told me about some homeowner challenges she faced, and about the anxiety that arose around the subject of her home.  It had her thinking maybe she should sell while the market is high, after all it might be worth more right now than it ever will be again.  She described feeling stuck in her energy, and being unmotivated.

Then she said something so simple, so wise, so profound:

“I chose to see the house as a blessing instead of a burden, and everything shifted.”

Her stuck energy unstuck.  She started creating art again.  She’s manifesting new opportunities for connections and finances.  She feels lighter and happier.  All because she chose to see the house – and ALL the challenges it presents – as blessings, and part of her learning adventure.  She listed all the things she loves about her home, and all the ways it inspires her creativity.  She even realized that she had fun learning about the home repairs as they happened.

One decision changed everything.  She chose to count her fucking blessings, and she is an inspiration for all of us who know her.

In the same week, I had a wonderful conversation with a client who described growing into a “lens of gratitude.”  She told me that often she finds herself shifting from the old story of “not enough” to a new appreciation for seeing things with gratitude.  I love that phrase!  Choosing to look through a “lens of gratitude” reminds us that shifting mindset can be as easy as putting on a new set of glasses.

What will shift for me when I look through my lens of gratitude instead of a lens of criticism, or fear?

Both these women reminded me of the tremendous value in simply counting my fucking blessings! 

My lungs inflate and bring oxygen to my blood without me ever thinking about it!  What a blessing.  The sun came up – HUGE blessing!  Mortgage to pay?  I feel so blessed to have a roof over my head.  Flowers, blue sky, rain, my pets! The list of things and people which I appreciate is infinite!

And because energy attracts like energy, the more we look for and focus on what we appreciate, the more people and situations the Universe brings us to appreciate!

Celebrate Thanksgiving by feeling truly thankful. If you feel inspired, take a few minutes and make a list. Mental lists are great, but writing it down boosts our gratitude energy!

It’s simple and free, and feels really REALLY great!

Grow on!

This is the BEST recipe for the holiday season and every day!

Ingredients: ANY possible combination of the following (or others):

  • frustration
  • irritation
  • resentments
  • stressful situations
  • annoying relatives

Count your fucking blessings.
When you become aware that these ingredients have been mixed into your day, stop, breathe, and count your fucking blessings.  If you are open to it, make a gratitude list about the person/situation you are encountering. If you’re just not ready to make a gratitude list about whoever is pushing your buttons, make a gratitude list about all the OTHER stuff you have to appreciate like running hot water, your cat, and the miracle of your lungs.