Liver Cleanse Preparation & Meal Planning

The cleanse referred to in all of my blog posts this month is the 369 Liver Rescue Cleanse outlined in chapter 38 of Liver Rescue by Medical Medium Anthony William.  Any page numbers given also refer to this book.  You must have your own copy of the book to complete the cleanse as it is the only place you can find all of the information.

If you choose to undertake this cleanse for nine days, I want to support you in whatever way I can to make the experience a success for you!  This is a long post with a lot of info, so I thank Google for the images I use here to beak up the text!

Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

If YOU have a question about something, it’s very likely someone else is pondering the same thing!  So if questions arise as you plan your meals and prepare yourself for the challenge, let me know and I will try to find answers for all of us!  

What is your intention for undertaking a cleanse?  

Spend some time with that question.  Think it over.  Discuss it with those supporting you in this journey if that feels right for you, or journal about why you want to do this.  

Why are you doing this?  When the food choices feel limited or challenges arise, it will be valuable to remind yourself of your intentions for hanging in there when it’s tough, to get the outcome you desire.  Write down WHY you are doing this somewhere that it’s handy if you need reminding during the cleanse.

It can also be helpful to list any symptoms or ailments you are experiencing, specially chronic conditions, or any of the symptoms listed on the cover of the Liver Rescue book.  Tracking improvements in these will be among the benefits we share with the support group.

My Definition of Success

For me to have a successful cleanse means to increase awareness about how I fuel my body currently, and how I want to fuel it moving forward. 

My intention is to become aware of which foods make my body react and in what ways, as well as to decrease the amount of toxins in my liver for many health benefits.

Cleanse Support Group

My intention in running a cleanse support group is to empower others who are choosing to follow the Medical Medium Liver Cleanse to be as successful as they possibly can as they create healthier, more energized lives!  I am not an expert and I am not offering advice.  I am simply offering support and sharing my own experience, as well as relaying any experiences the rest of the group reports to me so that as we travel this healing path, we do not feel isolated, but rather supported by a community of like minded people who understand what we are growing through.

If you need support or encouragement during this journey, I am your go-to cheerleader!  If you are feeling challenged and want help to reframe your thoughts and focus on your intentions, PLEASE email me or send a text!  I want to help.  That’s why I am doing this.

Participation is free because I am practicing for leading similar cleanses in the future and what we learn here will be valuable information to use moving forward.  Toward the end of the cleanse I will send a feedback form to ask you questions about your cleanse experience, what benefits you gained from the cleanse and any ways in which you feel the support group could be improved for next time. 

During the cleanse if you experience ANY detox symptoms, I would like it very much if you will let me know what day you are on and what symptoms you experience, so that I can let others know what is going on for some participants at that particular stage of the cleanse.

I encourage each of you to take this opportunity to really tune in to what your body is saying!  Honor your own individual needs.  Rest when you need rest.  Eat food from the meal plan when you are hungry.  Do NOT deprive yourself of calories.  Feeling hungry is not helpful to your mind, body or spirit and is absolutely not required for this cleanse.  Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about whether this cleanse is appropriate for you.

Believe in Yourself!

So far our group is thirteen strong and most of you have told me you are nervous about some aspect of the cleanse.  That’s perfectly normal!  We are undertaking something new in an effort to transform our health.  That can feel scary.

But it’s only nine days!

Don’t focus on what’s challenging about it.  Focus on the benefits you expect to receive by the tenth day.  Remember when I had you write down and think about WHY you are doing this?  Get that out and look at it to remind you.  Or send it to me when you write it down, and ask me to send it back when you are feeling challenged!

I have no doubt that this is doable!  I did it last month.  Each of us will feel lighter and brighter on the other side of this liver detoxification cleanse.  Will it be challenging?  Absolutely.  But you are a brilliant, resilient human capable of accomplishing EVERY damn thing that you truly put your mind to doing!  This is just nine days.  And by the time it’s challenging, it’s nearly over.

One of my clients expressed concern that she might fail to finish the cleanse for any number of reasons.  What if something does prevent you from finishing the cleanse?  That does not make it a failed attempt!  You will gain knowledge about what works and does not work for you personally.  Stay open to possibilities and pay attention to how your body feels as you feed it different types of food.  If you gain one new insight about one food, you are making progress.  There are no mistakes.  If something does not turn out the way we hope, we have still gathered more wisdom about what works, or does not work that we can use to make informed decisions moving forward.

Preparation is KEY!

I am supplying a PDF that you can print out to help with planning for the cleanse.  All of the required items are listed with blank spaces left where you have options.  Fill in what you want those days to personalize the plan a little! Click here to download PDF.

Options only happen on the first three days, and just in case you are curious what I will be eating on the cleanse, here are the options I am choosing for myself.

I love the heavy metal detox smoothie from Medical Medium’s Thyroid Healing book.  Click this link to find the recipe on his blog.  Jeremy and I drink this recipe most days with one small twist.  We use organic strawberries in place of the blueberries.  Now, wild blueberries are an essential ingredient in heavy metal detox, so we eat them every day, we just don’t eat them in this smoothie.  Why?  The combo of cilantro and strawberries is WONDERFUL!  Try it and see.

So, on each of the first three mornings, my breakfast is a Detox Smoothie with strawberries, and my morning snack is  blueberry muffins from the recipe on page 378.  I like the simplicity of keeping my mornings the same and I love both of these, so I never get bored with them.

I do plan to fix something different each day for lunch and dinner!

My lunch choices include lentil tacos from page 396, sweet potato & black bean salad from page 388, and potato pancakes with cucumber radish salad on page 402.

Other Medical Medium approved lunch choices from his blog:
Kabocha Squash Soup
Roasted Veggie Pasta
Potato Bruschetta
Roasted Eggplant with Tomato Cucumber Salad

My dinners will include grilled salmon & salad, nachos potatoes from the Thyroid Healing book, to which I will add a small amount of grilled chicken breast, and on the third night I go to a friend’s house for dinner.  I plan to bring my own grass fed steak to grill, along with Option B of the Liver Rescue Salad from page 384 to share at the pot luck.

Normally I would advise AGAINST eating one of the Liver Rescue salads on the first three days because you are going to get your fill of them and do NOT want to burn out on them.  However, since I am going to be eating at a potluck and might find myself tempted by items not allowed on the cleanse, this salad serves several purposes.  1) it is FILLING  2) it is delicious  3) it gives me a chance to tell the other dinner guests about my delicious eating plan!

More Resources

I am also sharing a PDF from one of my clients that outlines the nine days for vegan eating AND she planned an extra four days after the cleanse because she said, “I couldn’t see how spending so much time and energy cleansing your liver and then not transitioning in a thoughtful and measured way would be very supportive of the previous nine days.”

Bravo!  I appreciate your enthusiasm and initiative!  She was also kind enough to include her grocery list that supports her vegan menu for the nine days.  I include that for your use as well in case you want to follow her plan, or use her list as a template for your own. Thanks for the resources Melanie!

Liver Cleanse 369 Guidelines


• Avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, lamb, pork, canola oil.
• Substitutions for afternoon dates: mulberries, raisins, grapes or figs.
• If you are 100% raw, see full cleanse description for alternatives to cooked meals.

Day 1-3

• Follow the guidelines for Liver Rescue Morning on page 334.
• No fats (animal protein, nuts, seeds, oil) until dinnertime and then only 50% of the fat you normally eat.
• Limit animal protein to one serving per day, only at dinner.Bring in more fruits, veggies & leafy greens every day!

Day 4-9

• Avoid radical fats (animal protein, nuts, seeds, oil) entirely.
• Stick to ONLY the foods outlined on page 345 for days 4-6.
• Stick to ONLY the foods outlined on page 348 for days 7-9.

Eat as much as you want to feel full! 

Do not skimp on portions! Feeling hungry will not increase the effectiveness of this cleanse and might lead to an inability to complete the cleanse due to feeling deprived.


The meditations at he back of the book will actually help even if you “don’t meditate.” If you are feeling challenged during the cleanse, I invite you to revisit your personal “why” of doing this cleanse, then read through the meditations section of the book. Just reading it will help realign you with reasons to do the cleanse and calm any anxiety that may come up for you.

The more prepared you are, the easier this will be! The benefits are worth the effort.

Please reach out if I can do anything to help you succeed!

The information provided on and accessible from this website is for informational  & support purposes only and should not be considered to be healthcare advice or medical diagnosis, or treatment. I support individuals who want to transform their health in whatever way they choose as best.  The state of California has no licensing requirements for Life Coaches. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat disease, nor make recommendations regarding medical treatment or medications.  Please consult your medical doctor if you have any questions about the whether any cleanse is appropriate for you.   

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