Small Victories are a BIG Deal!

Hey guys! I’ve got something different today!
This blog post is a six minute video!

To play the recordings, click the play icon on the left of each.
To download the recordings, click the three dots on the right side.

~ Collecting Your Energy ~

~ Deep Centering ~

That was fun! But video is not my jam (yet), so I will return to writing my blog next week!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Grow On!

When was the last time you celebrated you?

When was the last time you celebrated your progress toward your goal?

What feels like a celebration to you? Make a short list and keep it handy to celebrate ALL the victories of your life!

4 Replies to “Small Victories are a BIG Deal!”

  1. I saved this blog till I felt more open to it and I am glad I did. The heat, smoke and humidity has taken a toll on my health. The asthma from the smoke, the arthritis from all the fans, the overall stress of the fires and how close they have come to my family. But today is cooler, the air doesn’t feel as smoky and I have a little energy. So I am heading out to the den to do a session of tai chi- something I haven’t done in over a week. Then I plan on turning on the radio and see where things go. Thank you for the inspiration.

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