Liver Rescue Cleanse ~ Day 6

Delicious NEW Brussels Sprouts Recipe!

Brussels for lunch and Brussels for dinner makes you sorta look forward to an all liquid diet on day nine! I like Brussels sprouts, but I do not LOVE Brussels sprouts. The first time we did the cleanse we made the error of roasting, rather than steaming our sprouts. This time we steamed them, but not wanting either of us to get bored, my kitchen witch whipped up an AMAZING little sauce to drizzle on your sprouts! Jeremy lightly steamed the Brussels sprouts and then cut them in half and drizzled them with:

Roasted garlic
Maple syrup
lemon juice
pinch Chipotle (optional)

I am DELIGHTED with his preparation!! ~Will share photo tomorrow.

Day 1 for Some

BIG shout out to those of you who are starting day 1 of the cleanse today! I am currently on day 6, and others of you are on 3 or 4 and each of us is RIGHT where we are supposed to be. I am so proud of ALL of us! We are taking action to energize our lives, not just talking about it, or wishing for it. We are really doing this cleanse for better health! yay us!

pretty produce! photo credit Melanie Fox

Celery Juice Links

Celery Juice on Medical Medium Blog
Celery Juice book on AmazonCelery Juice on Medical Medium Blog

celery juice for two
both colors of juice came from that same stack of celery in the above photo

Detox Symptoms Reported by Day

I will add to this list throughout the cleanse as participants report in ~

Day 1 – caffeine headaches
Day 2 – headaches, gassiness
Day 3 – SIBO symptoms, nausea, diarrhea
Day 4 – SIBO symptoms & brain fog
Day 5 – brain fog & low energy
Day 6 – gassiness, bloating

Medical Medium Recipe Success or Failure

I will update tis list as readers report results ~

Blueberry Muffins – Huge success reported from everyone who tries them
Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie – Delicious
Liver Rescue Smoothie – Creamy & satisfying
Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad – seal of approval from cleanse and non-cleanse people alike
Lentil Tacos – Yum – AND child approved!
Nachos Potatoes – one of my favorite MM recipes
Potato Pancake with Cucumber Radish Salad – Weird combo. Jeremy and I liked the potato pancakes, and we liked the salad (though will leave out honey next time), but these two do not belong on the same plate in our opinions.
Liver Rescue Salad – Both options rock
Baked Falafel Salad – Just NO. This was pretty awful and our first disappointment in the MM recipes.
Roasted Veggie Pasta – Will do again, even NOT on cleanse!

I would love to hear from you about what recipes you enjoy, what detox symptoms you experience and what triumphs and benefits are yours as well!

Contact me in the comments below or at .

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  1. Honeycrisp apples used to be my favorite, but then I discovered Pink Lady apples. They are so good! I agree with Cyndi: if you are tired of apples, try a whole bunch to find the variety you like the best!

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