Hydrate for Transformation

I begin today’s post with a quote from page 43 of You Are a Badass Every Day, by Jen Sincero:

“Considering the fact that the majority of your body is made up of water; and considering the fact that the better care you take of your body, the more energy you have; and considering the fact that it takes a whole lot of energy to transform your life, drinking a buttload of water seems like a pretty reasonable request to me.”  

Considering the fact that my mission is to empower people to become energized to transform their lives, and considering the fact that hydration is such a crucial factor, I would be remiss not to mention this essential element in my empowerment blog.

Why is hydration so important?

Approximately sixty percent of the adult human body is made of water.  According to the USGS, the percentage climbs to 75 to 85% for our brain, heart, and lungs.  

Our bodies require a steady supply of water to help:

  • aid digestion
  • keep membranes moist
  • cell reproduction (growth & healing)
  • remove toxins
  • maintain joint mobility
  • shock absorption 
  • produce hormones
  • communications between brain and body
  • regulate body temperature
  • deliver oxygen to our organs

And as if that weren’t enough, it’s also the magic ingredient in body transformation!

Magic weight loss elixir!

If you’re one of the millions of people on the planet trying to improve your body composition, water is the magic elixir for weight loss.  Its magic power lies not just in helping you feel full – which it does, especially if you are wisely getting lots of water in the food you eat by way of fruits and veggies – but because proper hydration helps your body convert food into energy in the most optimal way.  Dehydration actually causes cravings for calorie-dense foods.  (Staying hydrated = fewer cravings!)

Foods that help hydrate include cucumbers, apples, melons, leafy greens, celery, radishes.  More info at this link. Try adding lemon juice or melons to your water for increased hydration. More info at this link.

Proper hydration is a vital piece of self care.

How much water to hydrate life transformation?

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is:

  • About 15.5 cups (124 oz) of fluids for men
  • About 11.5 cups (92 oz) of fluids a day for women

For more about factors that influence hydration needs, click this link.

This having been said, you and your naturopath, or medical doctor, may decide you need more or less than this amount.  Listen to your body!  That’s the practice at the root of adequate hydration.  When I was healing from the intestinal symptoms caused by eating foods I was allergic to, my naturopath had me drinking 120 ounces a day.  I had to pay attention to how much I drank through the day, but in terms of health improvements, it doesn’t get much easier than increasing water intake!

I have this sticker on my water bottle that I carried across Europe for three weeks reminding me of the importance of hydration.
Hydrate or Die.

Hydration is extremely important and often overlooked.  If you are on the path of transforming your life, then drinking a buttload of water seems like a very reasonable request indeed.

Plus, its an EASY step in the right direction!

Why Do a Spring Cleanse?

I just completed a nine-day liver detox cleanse designed by Anthony William, Medical Medium.  Many people have asked why I did it, so here we go!

Reasons to cleanse

Over the past three decades, I have undertaken more than a dozen cleanses for various reasons.  In my 20s I actually thought it was OK to fast for a week!  Thank goodness I have grown wiser with the years.  As I look back now I realize my first fasting ‘cleanses’ were a desperate attempt to control foods over which I felt powerless.  Dairy, fats, and sugar have long held sway in my psyche, so those first cleanses were an attempt to prove to myself that I could, at least temporarily, control my eating compulsions.

One of my favorite reasons for cleansing remains that it reminds me how FEW very clean calories I can live on.  I’m not saying I want to live with my food categories & calories restricted to the limit, but it helps me see where my current excesses lie, and where I can comfortably shift my options in other areas, and what healthy improvements I might want to incorporate regularly.

Another reason I have done cleanses over the years is that it’s a great way to kick start a weight loss plan.  You get the benefits of eating healthy food, dropping the first few pounds rapidly, and shrinking your appetite to set yourself up for being comfortable eating smaller meals moving forward.

Breaking the addiction cycle is a great reason to cleanse, and physical cravings usually diminish in as little as three to seven days.  Staying away from the addictive foods longer is recommended to sustain diminished psychological cravings.  

Nowadays when I cleanse, it’s for the health benefits.  This particular cleanse was designed to help the liver release toxins that it may have been holding onto for years.  According to Anthony William, SIBO, the small intestine bacterial overgrowth that had me so sick two years ago, is caused by an overworked and stressed out liver!  I had no idea.

What was this cleanse like?

This cleanse was nine days divided into three segments.  The first three days was pretty easy and not that different from how we normally eat, but with less fats. The day started all nine days with lemon water and celery juice. One day we ate lentil tacos for lunch, and salmon with salad for dinner.

lentil tacos

The next three days was a lot more monotonous than I am used to.  Blueberry dragon fruit smoothies are delicious, but the steamed asparagus and brussels sprouts twice a day with a huge salad, three days in a row was almost more than I could swallow.  Then on days seven and eight, we got asparagus and brussels sprouts for dinner, but at least there was delicious spinach soup with cucumbers to mix it up at lunchtime.

blending spinach soup

I’m not being facetious, I really liked the soup! 
Alongside the cucumbers, it was quite refreshing.

spinach soup with cucumbers & apple

I should also mention that we were eating two to five apples a day, along with 16 to 32 ounces of celery juice, and drinking lemon water like fiends.  Then on day nine it’s liquids only.  That was actually a relief since I didn’t have to eat any more brussels sprouts.  I mean, I learned to LIKE brussels sprouts, but I don’t LOVE them like they were blueberries or mangoes.  Apparently they are REALLY great for your liver.  I had no idea!

Challenges of the Cleanse

The biggest challenges for me came on days three to six when I felt the food choices were monotonous, and I was having some depleting detox symptoms.  Physical cravings for fat were highest on these days also.  Other than that, it was pretty easy.  I like to think of the cleanse as a prescription of food for a short period of time to get a desired result.  That helps me get through.

Thinking about all the desired benefits also helps a great deal!

Benefits of the Cleanse. 

Of course, not all the benefits are obvious.  Anthony William says that the toxic buildup in my liver has diminished and I believe that is true, but I have no way to measure that result.

Benefits I observed, however FAR outweigh those few minor challenges I mentioned!  My body FEELS so much better!  The inflammation that seems a constant companion reduced noticeably and dramatically.  Since the cleanse I have a noticeable decrease in pain in my hips and low back.  I have noticeable improvement in facial paralysis symptoms that have slowly been dissipating over the last three years.  My hot flashes before the cleanse were a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst).  Now after the cleanse they are reduced to a 1 or 2 on that same scale.  The night sweats are gone.  My skin is clear, and my sleep quality is greatly improved!

Cyndi circa 2006, photo by donnio

All of that from a nine-day cleanse!

Reduced inflammation in my back means I miss less work as a massage therapist so I earn more pay.

Decreased paralysis of facial muscles means my eye droops less, and my smile is less lopsided.

These two improvements alone are making me take a long hard look at making some of these eating habits permanent, or possibly doing a mini cleanse more frequently.  I like the results I got and I want to make these improvements a regular part of my life.

Elimination Diet

If you are truly interested in finding out how different foods affect your own life, you can go one step further and try an elimination diet.  This is a slightly longer type of cleanse that will give all of the benefits I described above, but with the added benefit of figuring out which foods have the most ill effects on you personally, not just how they affect people in general.  This is very beneficial to find out if you have allergies to any foods.  Allergy foods cause symptoms like skin rashes, headaches, digestion problems, and many more.

For a closer look at the elimination diet click this link.  

I highly recommend that everyone undertake some type of cleanse for at least a week to see how it makes you FEEL.  You might be decidedly surprised to find out which symptoms or conditions improve or disappear! 

Special thanks to my partner in crime!

My partner, Jeremy did the cleanse with me and I could NOT have succeeded without his help! 

The chopping alone is a three person job, not to mention the moral support of having someone along for the ride and the added benefit of NOT having someone else in the house eating stuff I am trying to avoid! 

Thanks Jer!  I truly appreciate your support!

Engage Your Body!

Today I want to talk about the miracle of movement!  

Back when I was exhausted all the time, I found a million excuses to sit around.  Engrossing myself in a project in my computer was always a great one.  As an entrepreneur, I have a thousand things that need my attention from a seated position: bookkeeping, scheduling, advertising, newsletters. It goes on and on.

Now I realize that if I want to feel energized, I gotta get up and move!  I’m no Olympic athlete, and I am not training for a marathon. I just understand now that movement is KEY.

Movement helps:
  • flow chi
  • increase metabolism
  • boost happy-making chemicals in the brain
  • clear mental cobwebs
  • decrease stress 
  • promote digestion
  • improve sleep quality

For optimal health, doctors generally recommend 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.  But for many, this can feel daunting, and trying to jump into a 5 day routine from zero days is never wise.

Start somewhere, start small. 

Build from there at your own pace.   It is better to move 5-10 minutes a day than to sit around waiting for the motivation to do 30 minutes all at once.  It’s even helpful to spend time thinking about being active!  If you can’t get up and move, or can’t motivate yourself to do so right now, visualize yourself being active and vibrant and moving your body!  Our mind is a powerful tool.  Using it to conjure images of ourselves involved in vibrant activities can build energy too!  To see what I mean, envision yourself at the very top of a roller coaster.  You feel yourself crest the hill, the momentum shifts, and suddenly you are plunging down the other side at breakneck speed.  You can physically feel that pull on your energy, right?

The same thing happens when you imagine yourself running, dancing, swimming, climbing, whatever physical activity appeals to your soul.  Picture yourself there, immersed in it, thriving at it.  The energy inside will rise.  Use that energy to motivate yourself into some action.  You can imagine yourself flying like a bird if that appeals to you, and use that rise in energy to walk to the end of the block and back!  Use the mind to create the energy that motivates the body up and into motion!  

Stop using the mind to trap the body into inertia!

You know all those self-defeating little thoughts that come up like, ‘I don’t want to work out,’ or ‘I don’t enjoy it,’or ‘I don’t have the energy’?  Well those thoughts deplete the energy right OUT of a body, and simply shifting them can give you the energy and motivation you need to get going!

‘I don’t want to work out,’ can become ‘I want to move my body
for 5-10 minutes because I deserve to energize myself!’  or ‘I want the energy boost that comes with moving my body!’ or even, ‘I want an energized life!’

Use ANY words that resonate for you.

‘I don’t have the energy,’ can become ‘To create energy, I simply move my body!’ or ‘My workout leaves me energized!’ or even ‘Movement connects me to Source energy and POWERS me up!’

‘I just don’t enjoy it’ can become, ‘I enjoy the way my body feels after I move it,’ or ‘I enjoy the powerful feeling of aligning with my own healthy intentions,’ or even, ‘I enjoy vibrant health and stay active to achieve that goal!’

Choose the thought that feels better when you think it, because the better you feel, the more energy you have!

When I did a nine-day cleanse designed to detox the liver, I was very low energy on a few days. The thing that made me feel better and more energized each time, was a nice easy walk around my block. When I felt like I just wanted to sit and do nothing because I was so tired, I got up and went for a walk and felt better!

Tosha Silver

I am a GREAT believer in promoting all things vibe-raising, and Tosha Silver fills the role of vibe-raiser in such brilliant ways!

“Tosha graduated from Yale with a degree in English Literature but along the way fell madly in love with yogic philosophy. For the past 30 years she’s taught people around the world ways to align with Inner Love.” – from Tosha’s website.

I became aware of Tosha’s books less than a year ago when a dear friend recommended Outrageous Openness to me.  I instantly became a HUGE fan.  Now I read a few pages from one of her books each morning to inspire my day. 

Book Passage

I follow Tosha on Facebook, so Saturday when she posted that she was going to speak at Book Passage on Sunday, I was THRILLED!  I was even more thrilled to discover that my schedule actually allowed me to attend!  I took my fun money and drove across both the Carquinez, and Richmond bridges to one of the most amazing bookstores in the world. 

If you live in the Bay Area, you should plan a field trip to Book Passage, an independently owned bookstore with over 800 events a year!  They have so many classes they are practically a small university.  Book Passage is an amazing place with something for everyone.

It’s Not Your Money

Tosha spoke for half an hour, lighting the room with her energy.  She said her new book, It’s Not Your Money, is not about creating abundance, it’s about being abundance. 

When she took questions for half an hour, one woman who had already read the book, was in tears when she thanked Tosha for the transformation the book had brought to her life. 

Then Tosha signed books, and greeted each of us with that radiant smile. I asked her to sign two copies, one for me and one for a friend that has been between jobs for almost four years.  She looked up and said,”Oh she HAS to read this book!  Can I write that?”

“Yes, please,” I replied.  She inscribed it, ‘To Laura, Read this book! Love, Tosha

She inscribed my book with love as well, and I was left with the feeling of deep connection to myself, my Soul and my creator.

The entire experience was Divine!

If you are not familiar with Tosha’s books, you are in for SUCH a treat!  Any of them are great resources to lift your vibration. Click this link for her author page on Amazon.

If you are familiar with her books, maybe you did not know that she offers many classes and events! Click this link for info on Tosha’s classes.

Either way, Tosha Silver is a treasure, and a valuable resource for anyone that wants to build a stronger connection with the Divine, and live a more inspired life.

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Apple Pie to Die for!

(But it’s HEALTHY, so you don’t have to!)

I LOVE pie, but on a list of my faves, apple pie has always been near the bottom. Until now! NOW, I am allergic to wheat and sugar and dairy, so what use could I have for apple pie?

Enter Medical Medium!

If you have not heard about Anthony William yet, check out his wealth of information at THIS LINK. Anthony is a medium and gets his nutritional information directly from Source. If that’s too woo woo for you, you’re still gonna want to try his pie!

Deep-Dish Apple Pie

Crust –
3 cups walnuts
4 cups dates
1 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
2 tablespoons rosemary leaves
1⁄2 teaspoon of sea salt

Filling –
10 apples
2 cups dates
2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons coconut milk 1⁄2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


For the crust, place the walnuts, 4 cups of the dates, the shredded coconut, rosemary leaves and sea salt into the food processor and process until combined.

Press the crust mixture into the bottom and up the sides of a springform cake pan and place the crust in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Very thinly slice the apples using a mandoline or knife, should yield approximately 8 cups of apple slices. Place the apple slices into a medium bowl.

Blend together the remaining 2 cups of dates, lemon juice, honey, coconut milk, cinnamon and vanilla until smoothly combined into a “caramel sauce”.

Pour the “caramel sauce” over the apple slices. Toss the apple slices gently to combine. Place apple filling in the fridge to soak for 30 minutes or overnight.

Using a slotted spoon, scoop the apple slices into the pie, allowing excess moisture to drain away. Fill the pie to the top of the crust with apples and then press down gently to make sure the pie is tightly packed.

I first made this pie last year and it blew my mind that a dessert can be this delicious and not break any of my current eating rules! I am making a turkey dinner for some friends tonight and this is going to top our special meal perfectly!

I took these photos when I made this pie the first time, and the recipe is HUGE, so I pressed it into a 9×13 pan. Now I cut the recipe in half and it fits in a standard pie plate. It’s worth mentioning that the crust recipe makes a nice dessert sprinkle on top of fresh fruit!

That’s the filling bit in the food processor, minus the honeycrisps.

Then you have your sous chef thinly slice all those apples, add the caramel sauce, and…

Voilà! Lots of prep time involved with this pie, but it’s raw, so there’s no bake time.

OMG! I just had a thought. I bet this would be next-level amazing if we top it with cashew cream! Stupendous!

Link to Recipe << Here is the link to the recipe again.

Have a delicious weekend my friends!

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The Cream in My Coffee

In February, 2017 I developed intestinal symptoms that sent me in search of a naturopath to find out what was wrong with me.  Dr. Sara Thyr in Petaluma diagnosed my food allergies.  Dairy, wheat and cane sugar were the biggies.  I learned that all kinds of ill things can happen to your intestines, liver, vertebral discs, immune system, and overall general health when you eat loads of the stuff that you are allergic to. 

I have always possessed an over-zealous passion for cheese!  Another word for it would be addiction.  When I was a child, my mother mused that I must have been a mouse in another life.  Before I found out about my allergies, wheat and dairy pretty much made up my diet with an occasional salad thrown in.  Bagel with cream cheese and sausage for breakfast, quesadilla or tacos for lunch, with pizza & salad at dinner sounds like HEAVEN to me!

So it was no small task to remove dairy wheat and sugar from my diet.

At first, I was absolutely miserable about the situation as anyone would be when told she has to give up her drug of choice.  However in my case, the cost to benefit ratio was obvious because as I gave up my allergy foods, my symptoms disappeared quickly, and my symptoms had been significant.  Getting rid of them benefited my health, and my life, and increased my ability to continue supporting myself as a massage therapist. So I gave up sugar, wheat, and dairy and instantly began to feel better.

What’s one little cheat?

For awhile I gave up coffee because for me, coffee without cream isn’t worth a cup of beans.  I learned to enjoy herbal teas, but I really LOVE just one cup of coffee in the morning!  So after I had been symptom-free for awhile, it seemed like a tiny, insignificant cheat to treat myself once in awhile to a delicious cup of creamy coffee. 
I carefully measured my cheat so I could say I was ‘completely OFF dairy, except for this tiny amount.’

Of course, over time the occasional treat became my daily habit again.

“Just one cheat a day won’t hurt!  It’s so tiny and insignificant, and lovely,” I rationalized.

Allergy foods are insidious.

But the thing about allergy foods is that a tiny bit in your system sets up CRAVINGS for MORE! Because here’s a fun fact: we are usually addicted to the foods we are allergic to!  Follow this link to read an article about the correlation between food allergies and addiction.

The cream in my coffee was the one thing I felt I simply could NOT, would not give up forever.  But putting that small dose of cream in me first thing in the day set me up to crave more, and soon I was allowing small wheat cheats (with REALLY great reasons) and a little sugar here and there (because I deserve some sweetness, right?).  Bottom line was, the cream in my coffee was setting me up for failure and I seemed unwilling to let it go anyway. Can you relate?

Then one day I was talking to my awesome life coach about it. She’s vegan and recommended her favorite cashew cream in a brand I hadn’t tried.  Since giving up coffee seemed like the only other, horrible option, I decided to try it.

With my coach’s inspiration, I started thinking.

Google found a simple recipe that called for vegetable broth.  Since that didn’t seem like something I wanted in my coffee, I tried adding water.  My first batch turned out surprisingly acceptable, but not creamy enough, and the food processor left the nuts coarse, so I had a small beach in my cup at the end.  In the second batch I used nut milk instead of water and the blender instead of the food processor.  MIND BLOWN!

I blended up the most amazing substitute for half & half!  Like, SERIOUSLY credible replacement for hardcore dairy addict!s  Not only was it a credible replacement for cream, it was AMAZING. It was delicious! It was coffee lover’s nirvana.

Can you tell which is cashew cream and which is half & half?

Soak 3/4 cup cashews in filtered water for three hours or longer (the longer they soak, the creamier it is), then drain, put them in a blender and add 1 cup of nut milk. That’s it! Pulverize until creamy and you’re done. So super simple, and I can’t even convey the JOY, satisfaction, and pleasure of my morning coffee with no effects of dairy, and no cheater’s guilt! This was the bridge that sealed my commitment to living dairy-free!

Life changing. 

I am not claiming to have invented cashew cream, I am simply extolling the virtues of having discovered that there is life beyond dairy! I went from “NOTHING can replace the cream in my coffee!” to a cashew cream convert in two cups.

Changing what we eat for health reasons can FEEL like we have no choice. But having no choice makes us feel powerless! We do have choice. We always have choice! We choose to honor our body’s individual nutritional needs, or we choose the suffering, inflammation, and health problems that come with eating allergy foods.

Follow this link to an elimination diet to discover which foods cause your inflammation and allergy symptoms, or talk to your naturopath, or call mine! Dr.Sarah Thyr is AWESOME!

Whatever YOUR must-have, ‘can’t ever give it up’ item is, I’m willing to bet you can find something you enjoy just as much when you decide to get passionate about your healthy intentions.

What do you have to lose?

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Deeply Centered

Wear your cloak of invincibility.

It is my mission to uplift the vibration of this planet each day I am here! This seven minute recording is my gift to you! It’s a great way to center yourself before beginning anything. What does it mean to center yourself? I like to think of it as gathering my energy around me like a cloak of invincibility.

If you feel anxious, nervous, or anything other than supremely confident, take seven minutes to restore your breathing, raise your vibration, and pull on your cloak of invincibility. I use this exercise first thing every morning, before each session with a new client, and with clients to begin a session any time they arrive feeling frazzled or unfocused. Listen to it here whenever you like.

Breathe deeply at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

Subscribe to my blog and I will send you the download link for this powerful tool so you can use it wherever you are!

Practice Happiness Daily

So – How do you choose happiness (or at least a sense of calm) when chaos is raining down around you? One of my coaching clients posed this very question to me last week. Here’s my short answer:

Practice happiness daily.

Olympic athletes don’t show up on game day to give a peak performance without practicing a few (hundred) times.  To strengthen your faith, you need to practice building faith daily.  To strengthen your ability to choose happiness and increase your overall sense of calm, you need to practice choosing happiness daily.  And you can’t wait until your transmission leaves you stranded with a huge car repair bill and then hope you’ll remember to choose happiness in that moment if you haven’t been choosing it daily.

Practice happiness daily! Choose it every chance you get, and you get myriad chances sprinkled into your days.

What constitutes a happiness practice? 

There are LOTS of options, and it’s different for everyone, so you get to put together the pieces that resonate with you!  You get to choose what to call your daily practice (happiness practice, spiritual practice, faith-building practice), and select the tools that fire you up and make you feel energized and ready to seize your day!

A great place to start is to unfollow anyone and anything on social media that is not adding to your joy and start following people and businesses that do uplift your soul. You can find uplifting vibes at Practice Happiness Daily, along with about a million other choices to lift your vibe and inspire your day. When you focus on what you want, the Universe brings you more of what you want.

One of the ways I practice happiness is reading something uplifting every morning.  My current inspiration is coming from Jen Sincero’s You are a BADASS Every DayJen describes what I am talking about in a much badassier way than I can, so let me quote:

“Strengthening these muscles of badassery is where something I like to call the spiritual gym comes in.  As we travel the winding road to greatness, we’ve got to have some sort of workout routine to keep our motivation strong, our belief in the near impossible unwavering, and our focus firm – because muscles don’t stay strong all by themselves.”  She continues, “Get specific about which practices make you feel like you could bench press a gorilla and make them a nonnegotiable part of every single solitary day with no exceptions.”

I couldn’t agree more! 

Your practice. Your choice.

Despite what religions would have us believe, there is no one right way to connect to Source energy. You get to choose. My morning practice has evolved over time and currently looks like this: five minutes centering, read something uplifting for ten minutes, write a gratitude letter, read it out loud, visualization practice for ten minutes max, core strength & stretching for ten minutes.  Then I like to write in my journal to process whatever I am growing through at the moment. It’s the first hour of my day and sets the tone for my energized and thriving life!

I sprinkle affirmations liberally throughout my day and do something active at least five days a week. One of my friends listens to inspirational podcasts while she runs on the beach in the morning, and another keeps a running gratitude journal throughout the day on an app in her phone. Lots of my friends practice yoga and meditation.

Creating your personalized workout for your ‘spiritual gym,’ consists of playing with any combination of options from the menu below, or myriad others that makes your feel like you could hike the Himalayas.  Or you know, remain calm, centered, and effective while everyone else runs around with their hair on fire.  You could even survive meeting your boyfriend’s parents, or calmly recite all the reasons you deserve a raise to your boss.  Who knows what you’ll achieve if you tap into the infinite power of Source!  Probably whatever you put your mind to.

Feel Free to add other menu items in the comments! 
I would LOVE to hear what energizes your day!

Spiritual Gym Menu – 

  • reading uplifting books
  • subscribe to uplifting blogs like this one
  • centering/meditation ~ Link to my 7-minute recorded meditation
  • write gratitude lists & read them out loud
  • visualization
  • affirmations – Click this link for affirmations on my photographs
  • setting intentions  
  • journaling
  • podcasts or YouTube videos of uplifting speakers
  • breathing in the light, breathing out anything that does not serve you
  • exercise
  • stretching
  • yoga practice

Here are some great ones Sincero’s book added to my list:

  • Making gratitude lists that leave you sobbingly aware of what a miracle your life is.
  • Listening to music that makes you feel like an invincible pillar of joy
  • Ensmartening yourself
  • Making a vision board & staring at it all the time
  • Reading biographies of people who inspire the crap out of you

Some books & speakers that inspire the crap out of me:



Add your faves in the comments to expand my Universe!

It doesn’t matter what you choose to practice, so long as it uplifts your spirit, plugs your Soul into Source, and inspires you to step into a more powerful version of you!

“Make them a nonnegotiable part of every single solitary day with no exceptions,” so that when those less than optimal moments arrive, you’ll be amazed at how little they affect your vibration, and how easy it is to respond from a place of confidence and clarity.  You get to choose how to show up. 

One option is NOT to practice happiness, and show up like a cork tossed on the raging seas of chaos.  My choice is to practice happiness daily and show up awesome!

Awesome feels better in my opinion, but you get to choose for yourself!

Create an awesome day for yourself and those around you!

Happiness is a Choice

Don’t believe me?  Then you will forever be at the mercy of the whims of the world and whatever they throw at you to set your mood for you.

I believe that happiness is a choice, and I choose happiness every day.  Some days it’s easier to make that choice, no doubt!  Last week when Bekkie and I went to the beach?  Happiness galore!!  Sunshine, crashing surf, sea breezes, healthy food, reliable transportation, and GREAT company all added up to FUN and joy that seeped into my bones, charged my batteries and left me raring to go!

Easy choice.  Happy!

Tuesday I also chose happiness – not as easy, but even more necessary.  I awoke early as usual, felt great, had coffee, and then stood by helplessly as my back went out and crushed my paycheck for the day (for the week, it turns out, maybe more…).  At 7am I called the chiropractor.  She called me back and got me in at 8am.  I managed to get myself across town, though my car was making a very interesting noise that made me think it might join my back in letting go of it’s worldly responsibilities.

My chiropractor did the best she could with an activator and duct tape, and I felt better, but left knowing that I would not be able to give a massage for at least a few days.  On the way home, Lilu, my Chevy Impala, started doing this other interesting thing; after stopping at stop signs it no longer wanted to move forward.  I broke into a cold sweat and my stomach knotted itself into a scarf.

(This is the part where I choose fear, but don’t worry!  Happiness prevails, keep reading!)

My mechanic is closer than my house, so I gently and slowly inched across town, trying not to stop completely because it seemed to be having trouble getting into 1st gear.  When I got to the shop I pulled around with the intention of backing into an empty spot, only to find when I put it in reverse NOTHING happened.  I put her in drive and she didn’t like it.  She hesitated and balked, but finally inched forward off the street, though not parked legally.  I was visibly shaking.

He didn’t have to tell me the transmission was shot.  I can’t even change my own oil and I knew that much.  I sat in the waiting room and took some long deep breaths.

Shifting your breathing is a superpower!  Did you know that?  My joy guru, Jill Lebeau taught me that, and it’s a lesson for which I am tremendously grateful.  So I just breathed while my car guy told me the transmission was shot and a new one costs about twice what I currently have in my piggy bank.  They were giving me a ride home when I started my gratitude list.

  • The mechanic’s car has seat heaters that felt amazing on my throbbing back.
  • The sun was shining and it was going to be a gorgeous day.
  • Lilu didn’t die in Bodega Bay last Thursday and leave Bekkie and I stranded and unable to get Bekkie to work on time.  
  • Lilu died right in front of the only place it was actually convenient and I didn’t have to pay to tow her there.  
  • It happened on the same day that I got my IRS refund.  I had planned to pay bills with my refund, but I did HAVE the money on that day. 
  • He can repair the car and get it back to me by the weekend, Monday at the latest.
  • My back pain is keeping me from my massage practice, but my coaching practice continues!  
  • Last year when I had these same back issues, I had no clear vision of what I would do for income if my body finally said, “NO MORE massage!”  Now I know what my next career is, I am already transitioning, and adding some income from the new source.  That is a BIG chunk of gratitude right there!
  • Lilu died on the same day that my back went out again, so that’s a clear sign from the Universe to STOP and slow down a minute; focus on what’s important.

What is important is my health, and while I have been pretty good about cleaning up my eating, I have not been GREAT.  I can do better and when I do better, the inflammation will cease to create and exacerbate the myriad health issues that continue to challenge me create opportunities for my personal growth.  I had been ‘too busy’ with work to focus on my meal plans, my cardio, my self-care.  So the Universe took matters in Her own hands and slowed me down for a gentle reminder to take care of me first.

Time to let go of what’s holding me back and release the last of the foods that I have been wanting to remove from my body for health’s sake.  No one is telling me I ‘should’ make these changes.  I want better health.  I want to feel energized every day in every way.  My coach and I are moving me toward my ideal goals one baby step at a time and I feel powerful in my choices for better health!

  • So I appreciate the time off to focus on health, and growth, and joy.
  • I appreciate my clients who are always so gracious and understanding when I call to reschedule them.
  • I appreciate my mechanic for getting the job done so quickly.
  • I appreciate the timing of the whole situation, which unfolded with ease.
  • I appreciate that I can choose happiness no matter what’s going on in the world around me.

So – How do you choose happiness (or at least a sense of calm) when chaos is raining down around you? One of my wonderful coaching clients posed this very question to me yesterday.

I look forward to sharing my answer with you in my next post!

Create a happy day!

Here’s a little rant from Abraham and Esther Hicks to set you off in the right direction.

Carpe Diem!

That is my advice to everyone!  Get out there and seize the day!  Seize your life!  Make the most of every single minute.

My life is crazy hectic right now and I am LOVING every minute of it!

Besides running my full-time massage practice for the 12th year and building my photography business, I am attending iPEC to become a certified life coach and transitioning into an additional career over 50 years old.  I have weekly webinars, coaching assignments, reading assignments, journaling assignments, assignments from my coaches and elective assignments.  I have all the moving parts of building a business from the ground up, like creating the website, the logo, the marketing, and a blog.  I won’t bore you with ALL the details, but suffice to say that 7 days a week I have been keeping at it pretty steady.  Last Wednesday I had 3 massage clients and 3 coaching clients.  I went to work at 8:30am and finished my last coaching call that night at 8pm.

I am not complaining, I am THRIVING!  I am passionate about learning and practicing coaching.  It’s practically like a drug to me, I am just dying to do it again.  And again.

So it’s really easy to let my entire life be absorbed by it.  Jeremy and I even canceled a date day 2 weeks ago because I had something that HAD to get finished! (It was terribly important, though I can’t seem to recall now what it was!). But as fulfilling as all this is for me, the “must-dos” are still edging out the “want-tos” and that’s never healthy.  Occasionally we must come up for air!

Thursday/Friday are my days off and I almost always have those days scheduled as carefully as a work day to get the most done in the most efficient way.  Last Thursday was to be spring cleaning and homework.  I have a list of assignments that can keep me busy till May if I apply myself often enough, and I really like the energy of a sparkling CLEAN home on the first day of spring, scheduled to arrive Wednesday of next week.

But instead of housework and homework on Thursday, my daughter and I seized the sunshine and headed to the beach for a very short respite from the responsibilities in our lives.  She protested when I suggested it, saying she needed to be at work by 3pm.  

I recalled days from her childhood when I would drop her and her brother at school, pick up a friend, head to Bodega Bay, spend a couple hours and be home in time to get them from school.  “I’ll have you back by 2,” I promised.  She was all in.

It was GLORIOUS!  It was only supposed to be 55˚ but it must have been closer to 65˚.  The sun shone bright and the wind stood down.  We stripped to swim suits and were giddy enough on long-absent sunshine, that we actually forded Salmon Creek before we had a chance to realize what a misguided and dangerous idea that was.  We crossed back right away and it didn’t get up over our waists, but truly – our day was Goddess-blessed with safety as well as sunshine and sparkling waves.

It’s a 90 minute drive from Vallejo to Salmon Creek Beach.  We enjoyed a healthy lunch overlooking the ocean.  We hiked in the sand.  We collected shells for my altar.  We stretched out on the sand and let the vitamin D soak into our skin.  I’m sure we mooned more than one passing car as we struggled out of creek-soaked clothes to put on something dry.  We relaxed and absorbed all of that glorious, crashing, thrashing, battery-charging energy!

We had two spontaneous, magnificent hours of complete freedom.

Then we drove 90 minutes home listening to music and singing.  I cannot think of anything that could have lifted me more!

Seize the day!  Do something unexpected.  Grab the chance to have fun with a friend, even if just an hour or two.

Your soul lives for these moments.  These are the moments that nourish you and feed you the strength to get through the next twelve hour day.

If you don’t seize the opportunities to create joy along the way, what on earth are we doing here?!

Enjoy your life every chance you get. Carpe diem!  

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