You’re Fuckin’ Perfect

You’re so mean, 
When you talk 
About yourself, you were wrong.

Change the voices  
In your head 
Make them like you instead

P!nk ~ Fuckin’ Perfect

I truly appreciate these lyrics. If a rock goddess like P!nk can have mean voices in her head, it kinda normalizes it for the rest of us, doesn’t it?

Most people have voices in our heads saying not-so-nice things.  It’s crucial to change those voices because the Universe is our mirror.  What we believe about ourselves, is what the world will show us.
The voices in my head told me for years that I was ugly, fat, and stupid, and that nobody loved me.  Needless to say during those years, I didn’t feel a lot of love reflected back at me from the world.

Because the Universe is our mirror – reflecting to each of us that which we emanate – self love is key.  If we find it difficult to love ourselves, we won’t see a lot of love reflected to us in our world, and we tend to doubt those who express love and friendship to us.  If we cannot see ourselves as capable of achieving, or worthy of receiving close relationships, financial success, or desired body composition, then the Universe reflects that back to us.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  We achieve what we believe we are capable of achieving.

The mean things we say often focus on our perceived imperfections. Common examples include but are in no way limited to:

  • My body is not perfect.
  • My relationship is not perfect.
  • My job is not perfect.
  • My education is not enough to change careers/get promoted.
  • I am not capable of earning more.
  • I am not worthy of being loved. 
  • Who could love me?

Release perfectionism by accepting that you’re already fucking perfect.

Crazy! Right?

But what if everything we identify as our own shortcoming or imperfection is actually PERFECT for us? 

What if each one is a gift, a golden opportunity to grow in some way that our soul wants us to grow?

What if every “imperfection” is an opportunity to learn that:

  • our true power doesn’t lie in creating a body we can love, but in loving and caring for the body we are in, despite what flaws we may perceive.
  • our true power doesn’t lie in attracting the right partner so we feel loved, but in loving ourselves so completely that every relationship allows us to feel loved and supported.
  • our true power doesn’t lie in earning enough money to be happy, but in being happy while earning money.

What if the ultimate power in the universe is gifting us an opportunity to show ourselves love and kindness?

What will change if we see our “imperfections” as perfect opportunities here at Life University?  What will change when we accept that we are perfect, just as we are, fabulous flaws and all?

Grow on!

  • How possible is it to accept perceived flaws or imperfections as an invitation for soul growth?
  • What lesson is your soul asking you to learn?
  • What will the voices in YOUR head say when you make them like you instead? Consider making a list and keeping it close by!

Helping clients gently shift from mean thoughts toward healing/supportive thoughts is what I do!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, schedule a little chat with me at THIS LINK to see if I’m the right coach for you! You’ll walk away with at least one action step to move you toward whatever goal is important to you!

Everything Happens for a Purpose

I believe this adamantly, but we do NOT always get to know that purpose. It’s an act of faith which I practice whenever humanly possible, so it’s really NICE to have that faith validated clearly. I have an excellent example from recent personal experience!

I’ve been challenged with some nasty diverticulitis symptoms for the entire month of August.  At times it was so bad I feared for my trip to  Croatia this month.  I cursed my weak gut.  I cursed the diverticulitis.
I did not have nice things to say about Kaiser.  I was not in a happy state.  The stories in my head tried to run away with me…

But I practice being in alignment often enough that I knew what to do to start feeling better. Instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?” I began asking, “How is this happening for me?

I started bringing myself back into alignment with Source repetitively, over and over again joining with my Source, and doing my best to appreciate all that is happening FOR me.

I allowed myself to slow down and heal.  I canceled massage clients altogether, and took coaching clients via phone rather than face to face.  I hydrated, napped, and focussed on feeling better so I can enjoy that vacation I have been planning for more than a thousand days.

I started to appreciate the situation.

I started to feel appreciative of extra time to rest.  I appreciated having time to read a good book.  I appreciated my naturopath for guiding me in the healing process.  I appreciated the fact that it happened in August and NOT in September.  The wonderful timing meant I had time to heal before traveling!  How awesome is that?  I appreciated the fact that it gave me an opportunity to practice my alignment to Source.

Then I got even bigger evidence that this was happening for my highest good.

If I had been feeling well, I would have gone to see my favorite massage therapist.  I rescheduled hoping I would feel better, but she had to cancel the next appointment because she came down with COVID.  The appointment I canceled due to the diverticulitis would have exposed me to her before she knew she was contagious.

If I did not allow myself to rest and heal, I would have seen one of my coaching clients in person instead of shifting to a phone appointment.  The following week she texted to let me know that she had tested positive for COVID. Shifting to the phone appointment prevented me from being exposed to her before she knew she was contagious.

The Universe fucking adores me.

THANK YOU Universe for the gift of diverticulitis.
THANK YOU for giving me this chance to heal!
THANK YOU for preventing me from possibly getting COVID twice.
THANK YOU for the evidence once again that everything is always working out for me despite what my limited mind can see.

The worst is behind me and I am just feeling better and better from here on out!

I have a whole new appreciation for my gut, and the utmost intention of listening to her, and allowing her to guide me.

I have experiential evidence that PROVES the Universe adores me, and wants me to be fucking happy!

Grow on!

What challenge is happening for you right now?
How many ways can you find to appreciate some aspect of it?

Say “Good-Bye” to Worry

We cannot change anything until we are aware of it.  In my previous blog post, I talked about cultivating more awareness around what our emotions feel like in our bodies.

The reason we focused on that was so we could learn to become aware of our emotions.  At the magical moment we do become aware that we are experiencing an emotion – that is the place where our power of choice lies.  

As soon as you are aware that you are experiencing any emotion, ask yourself what thoughts you were thinking, because your thoughts are what cause your emotions.

The Process 

In the moment we become aware of feeling worried, we can identify the thoughts that cause our anxiety.  Once we accept that these thoughts are causing the anxiety, we have the power to choose different thoughts that make us feel differently.  We can continue choosing thoughts that cause us to worry – and who could blame us for choosing worry?  It’s certainly a valid option.  Worry is a familiar, well-worn pathway in our minds.  We’ve chosen the vibration of worry so frequently – in an auto-pilot like way – that some of us forget that we can choose another path.  

If we make the decision to set aside worry whenever possible, to release the weighted burden of worrying thoughts, we can use that moment of awareness to accept responsibility for the thoughts that cause our emotions.  NOT accepting responsibility for our emotions keeps us at the mercy of those emotions, because if we are not responsible for them, we are victim to our emotions, and therefore powerless to transform them.  We feel powerless when we feel we have no choice.

The Magical Moment of Power

  • We become aware (in the moment) that we are experiencing worry.  
  • We accept that the thoughts we are thinking are causing that worry.  
  • THIS is the moment where we can wield the power of choice.

NOW is when we get to choose. We can continue thinking thoughts that worry, or we can decide that we want to create new pathways in our mind.  We deliberately choose thoughts that allow us to feel DIFFERENTLY than the thoughts that cause a vibration of worry!

Awareness leads us back to our power.  Acceptance is the key to wielding our power. Choice is where our power lies.  It’s a process, and it takes practice. 

The more we practice awareness and acceptance, the more we feel empowered to choose, and then we trust the process more, and begin to relax into faith. We begin to understand that we have the power to control our own energy.  We don’t have to take that emotional roller coaster ride which drains us.  Instead we can respond intentionally with all of our energy present.

When we choose our own emotions/energy, by being aware of our thoughts, we can’t help but feel more confident, powerful, and in control!  

Does that mean we’ll never worry again?  Of course not.  But when worry does pop up, we’ll know it’s a choice which we can let go, rather than a burden we must carry indefinitely.  

Grow on!

What are you currently telling yourself about a situation you find worrisome?
Take out a clean sheet of paper and write a new story about the situation that feels LESS worrisome, writing ONLY things that you truly believe. Read that story until your vibration shifts, and then re-write the story again so that it feels even BETTER when you tell it. Repeat as often as needed.

I help people cultivate more awareness every day.  If this is something you’d like help with, click here to schedule a chat and see if coaching is the next right step for you.

Worry is a Choice

Lisa Kaplin writes an amazing blog about leadership, happiness, parenting, relationships, and so much more.  I always learn something new, or see a new perspective.  If you haven’t read her blog before, I highly encourage you to follow this link and give her post, Worry isn’t Love a read.  Lisa’s posts are always brief & uplifting. I thought this passage was particularly brilliant:

“Love, at least to me, is unconditional listening, being fully present, and holding space for the other person. It’s focusing on them, not what I feel when I’m around them. Love is both giving and receiving of unconditional caring and space. None of that sounds like worry to me.”

So if worry does not show love, what does worry do?  What are we getting from worry?  

The voice of worry often arises when something unwanted happens.  We don’t want it to happen again, so a “watcher” arises inside us to watch for any evidence that danger may be approaching.  With our “watcher” on duty, we may feel more secure because we feel that we’ll see the danger coming and be able to avoid it.

Originally we were getting protection or security from the watcher, but now we’re just getting anxiety from constant worry. 

Our worry voice is not trying to make us crazy at 3am, it’s just trying to do it’s job of protecting us, albeit more aggressively than necessary.  All of this can be exhausting!

But what if I told you that worry is a choice?

I know.  Some of you just shut your computer off convinced I am crazy.  Some of you are laughing out loud.  But some of you are going, “Wait. What? I can choose NOT to worry?!”

If our “worry voice” arose to protect us, and made us feel more secure, it makes complete sense that we would choose worry again and again.  We found comfort there – a long time ago.  Now we just choose worry because it’s the familiar, well-worn path that our mind wanders without thinking about where we’re going.

Constant worry is heavy, so if we’d like to set it down in favor of lighter emotions, we need to catch ourselves in the act.  We need to cultivate AWARENESS.  We want to become aware of WHEN we have anxious thoughts, because that is the only moment we could choose something else.  The best way to be aware when worry has arisen, is to first become aware of how YOU feel physically when you have worrisome thoughts.

This can be different for each of us!  Just because anxiety feels like a twist in my solar plexus, doesn’t mean that you and your body experience it that way.  For this reason, I encourage my clients to write down how THEIR BODY feels when they are worried.

Examples might include a twist in the solar plexus, hot cheeks, shaking limbs, sweaty palms, a combination of any of these and others.  Whatever it is for you, catalog the physical vibrations when you “feel” worried.  

Once we define what ‘worried’ feels like to us as individuals, it becomes easy to recognize when those physical vibrations/symptoms begin.  That moment we recognize that physical symptoms of worry are present triggers our awareness that “THIS” is our moment to choose.

Once we are aware, we can choose.
We get to choose worry, or choose something new.

In next week’s blog post, we’ll talk about taking back our power to choose in that magical moment of awareness.

Grow on!

Name the emotion you feel. (Happy, sad, worried, anxious, excited, etc…)
Write down the vibrations you feel in your body when you experience the emotion.
If you can, write down the thought(s) you were thinking directly before you became aware of the vibrations of that emotion.

It’s totally fine to write down the physical vibrations you feel first, and then name the emotion. It’s easier that way for some people.

I’m a Fucking Navy Brat

I know.  That goes a long way toward explaining my potty mouth, right?

I am so fucking ANGRY, confused, and ashamed for my country right now!

I BELIEVED when I was taught that the United States was FIRST in the world, FIRST to defend honor & do the right thing, FIRST among all the countries in ALL things.  I was so proud growing up knowing I was part of the solution, the chosen.  I was so blessed to be born in the best nation on earth!

In my military family, on a military base surrounded by other military families, I was taught that our commander in chief was above dishonor, and beyond question.  He was our leader and he would NEVER let us down.  I BELIEVED.  Of course I believed.  I was born with immense faith, and my parents loved me and taught me right from wrong.  These ideas were incontrovertible.

But when I was old enough to dare thinking for myself, I could see the varnish wearing thin on the lies I had been spoon fed since birth.

I could see that not all of our peace keeping missions were peace filled.  I could see where we butted in without invitation.  I could see that NOT all Americans were treated equally, and not all American leaders gave a shit about defending honor or doing the right thing, so much as reaping financial profits for themselves and their wealthy friends.

I would no longer drink the Kool aid that said we were a proud defender of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  But I did continue to drink the Kool aid that I was powerless to change anything.  I could see that my country’s founding principles were being shit on, I just didn’t think I could do anything to protect those principles when the most powerful people in the world were the ones corrupting and undermining our national morals for power and financial gain.

On January 6, 2021, armed terrorists marched on the capitol of the United States.  I haven’t felt this shocked, appalled, and violated since 9-11.

But the terrorists were being stoked to a frenzy by the hate-filled tweets and social media rants of one Donald J Trump, the same guy who swore to protect and defend our constitution when he took the oath of the highest office in our land.  These were not the peaceful pussy-hat protests of January 2017.  These were NOT the hopeful Black Lives Matter protests of last August.

Unlike peaceful protestors, yesterday’s terrorists brought loaded weapons, threatened lives, destroyed property, and tried to destroy the results of our democratic elections.

I was horrified and sickened as I watched the rampage unfold without interference from the Capitol police who have taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, their state, and the laws of their jurisdiction.  

One hundred fifty nine MILLION of us voted last November.  A few thousand are trying to make it NOT COUNT literally.  And they are being encouraged and supported by the most powerful among us.  

They are encouraged and supported by:
• Capitol police who stood with arms down, and allowed trespass and more.
• 139 members of the House of Representatives (holding office to ‘represent’ the people) who tried to subvert our votes despite the fact that those same ballots put them in office.  
• Eight senators who voted to overturn the votes of millions of Americans.
• The person holding the office of the president of the United States, who rage tweets and spews hate-filled blatant lies meant to divide us and destroy our democracy.

This must not fucking stand.  

We must NOT drink the Kool aid that says “I am powerless and there is nothing I can do.” We are powerful beings and now is the time to choose what we believe. Choosing to believe we are powerless is what they want.  They win when we give them our power.

Do we choose to believe what others tell us to believe?
Election fraud is rampant!  There’s no proof because it’s a conspiracy!  The poor are stealing from you!  YOU need to work for health care, but we get it FREE.  Trump supporters spit vitriol & sedition for months, but then showed up and peacefully protested, while those Black Lives Matter people overran the capitol with guns and white leaders.

Do we choose to believe what we see with our own fucking eyes?
The emperor has gone fucking mad, and is strutting naked in the streets crying how FINE his new clothes are.

Understanding that we are powerful enough to make a difference is a radical act.  Believing we can make positive change is revolutionary.

What do you choose to believe?

What is one small action you can take to move the world in the direction you want it to grow?

Practice Flowing Abundance!

Abundance is the law of the universe.

When you go for a walk, try to count all the leaves on all the trees you see.  Count the blades of grass in a single lawn.  The drops of water in a lake, the ocean.  Identify each individual cell in your body.  Count the grains of sand on the beach, or the fish in the sea.

Abundance is EVERYWHERE.  Abundance is ever flowing
from Source energy.  Nature is abundant.  Energy is abundant.

Health is energy.  Money is energy.  

So health and money are also abundant and ever-flowing!

Worry slows the flow.  Anger and resentment slow the flow.  It’s like introducing resistors into your energy flow.  Remove the resistors – the anxiety or fear – and energy flows in abundance.  Health flows to us in abundance.  Money flows to us in abundance.

Abundance is the rule! Unless we slow or stop the flow of energy by introducing those resistors.

And the biggest block to abundance is focussing on ‘scarcity’ or ‘lack’ of abundance.  Thinking we do not have enough (time, money, health, love) whatever can slow the flow of abundance to a trickle, so that it actually appears as though there is scarcity or lack.

Holding on to what we have because we are afraid that’s all we will ever have stops the flow. Whereas generosity and sharing what we have allows the abundance to flow freely to us and through us.

To increase the flow of abundance again is simply a matter of looking at how MUCH is already around us, and appreciating that abundance everywhere we see it.

Nature is abundant.  You are abundant.  Let your abundance flow!

Grow on!

What shifts for you when you laser focus on abundance?  

Read the first paragraph again, and practice it for a week. 
Really LOOK around you and allow yourself to SEE how many berries in a thicket, how many ants in a mound, how many petals on a chrysanthemum, how many hairs on your cat.  

Own Your Awesome!

Human beings have a hard time owning our awesome.  We can see it, admire it, value it, but rarely do we ever want to attach it to ourselves.

I want you to own your awesome, so here’s a simple exercise I hope will help.

Make a list of your values.
Make a list of qualities you admire in others.

The lists will be different for each of us, but could look like this:

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Who Do You Admire Most?,
if you SEE these qualities, you ARE these qualities.

“I am” statements help us own qualities in a powerful way!

Often we use them against ourselves:
I am broke.
I am depressed.
I am so stupid.

You KNOW this song! Most of us sing it frequently.  Those kind of “I am” statements need to be released because “I am” attaches us and we don’t want to (or need to) own those qualities!

Look at that list of your values, and qualities you admire.  Which ones do you already embody?  “I am organized,” is one I can completely relate to.  Choose  the ones from your list that resonate most, and own them first.

I am honest.
I am professional.
I am trustworthy.

Then cull the list again for ones that you are growing toward, or desire to embody, and own them too!

I am confidence.
I am amazing.
I am joyful.
I am uplifting.

Own your awesome.  Affirm your awesome.  Practice the “I am” statements that feel GOOD to you!  

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Grow on!

What characteristics do you regularly affirm with “I am” statements?
Do you want to own them?
How willing are you to release those?
What qualities do you want to affirm as your own?
How often are you willing to practice owning them?

Who the Fuck are You?

As I lay sleeping one morning, I dreamed that someone wrote this comment on my blog:  Who the fuck are you?  You think you have all the answers?  (It went on, but as dreams will do, the edges went blurry.)

I woke with a start. Our subconscious mind speaks to us in dreams, and it was pretty clear that mine had questions.  I went to my journal and wrote, “who the fuck are you?”  After my morning coffee and meditations, I sat to consider the query, and answer my inner critic.

First of all, I don’t have all the answers!

I don’t have ANY fucking answers except for those that are right for me.  I don’t write my blog, or coach my clients because I know what anyone else should do, cause I don’t have a fucking clue what’s right for anyone else.  Answers are something each of us will find inside.  

What I do have is a growing list of options that help me, and countless others, find some of the answers we are seeking.  I say ‘we’ because I am walking this path with you, with my clients.  We are all in this together and the more one of us grows, the more we all grow! 

How do I know?  My clients inspire me daily!

I have as many questions as answers, because I am human.  Our common humanity means that what works for some of us might also work for you.  But that’s something you will need to explore and discover for yourself.

The things I share in my blog include topics that frequently come up while coaching my clients, challenges I am growing through myself, and some of the tools and resources available that have a track record of helping people uncover answers within themselves.

Here are some of the things I have discovered on my journey so far:
Human beings are energy systems. 
Energy attracts like energy. 
The energy we radiate is the energy the world reflects back to us. 
We are all seeking connection.   
We thrive when we are connected to Source and to each other. 
There are many practices that help connect us to Source. 
All experiences are opportunities for growth. 
Each person we meet is our teacher and our student. 
Words have power, so wield them with all the wisdom at your disposal. 
Everyone’s journey is as unique and as valuable as every other journey.  
Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities. 
Helping people discover Truth empowers them. 
Helping people remember their power empowers me. 
My purpose in life is to uplift the human spirit. 
Treat YOURSELF as you wish to be treated!
Radical self-acceptance is key! 
Powerful people empower others.

How much of this resonates for you?

These are not answers.  They are simply truths I have found helpful in guiding me to my own answers.  If you want to read more along these lines, you can subscribe to my blog here.

So, who the fuck am I?

Well, I’m a huge fan of Esther Hicks and her work with Abraham. I have spent a decade trying to figure out how to incorporate their teachings into my life.  I used to be terrified.  I thought life was happening to me, and desperately wanted to be the creator of my own experience, the way Esther-Abraham told me I could be.

I’ve survived alcoholism, and food addiction.  With the help of some really wonderful therapists, I lifted myself from depression.  I am addicted to joy, and seek pleasure everywhere.  I’m human and have made a LOT of poor choices, but I managed to learn from them, which means they were not mistakes but lessons.  I’ve grown.  I’ve hurt people.  I’ve acted against my own best interest sometimes.  I have absolutely argued for my own limitations.

I feel like I am happy and helpful most of the time.

I’m an entrepreneur, and the mother of two wonderful humans.  I’m an award-winning massage therapist.  I’m a landscape photographer.  I’m a poet, and a dancer, and a recovering perfectionist.  I’m an empowerment coach passionate about helping women remember who they are, and tap into their true power.

“Helping women remember who they are…”

At this point in my writing, I stopped cold and LAUGHED out loud.  That mouth-open, head-back kind of laugh that boils up from my belly and embarrasses my ex-husband.

My subconscious was simply asking me what I ask my clients ALL the time.  “Who ARE you?”

And I answered in much the same way that my clients always do. 
I began with a list of ‘how’ I am and ‘what’ I am. NONE of this is my ‘who.’ Underneath all of WHAT we each are, and HOW we each are, we are all the same Divine Who.

Truth Bomb

I am Source energy.  I am infinite intelligence embodied.  I am wisdom.  I am faith.  I am confidence.  I am vitality.  I am connection.  I am Nature.  I am Goddess/God made flesh.  I am Divine.  I am.

And so are You!

We are all One.  We are all Source.  All of us are One energy at our core.

What does this mean?

Well, for one thing it means that when we are carrying heavy, negative emotions, we can release those.  They don’t belong to our natural vibration.  That is not ‘who’ we are, so we do not have to hang onto those feelings.  Self-doubt, anxiety, worry and fear can be released.  The reason they feel heavy, is because they do NOT resonate (match) with our core energy – the energy of Source (God/Goddess).  The reason these heavy emotions exist is to be our rumble strip on the road of life.

When we own our truth we KNOW without doubt that we are Source, we are wisdom, we are love.  And we feel GOOD.  It resonates, it vibrates in harmony with the vibration at our core.  Heavy feeling emotions do not vibrate in harmony with our core energy.  They create discord within us.  When we feel that discord, it’s simply a gentle reminder that we are moving away from the direction we want to be moving – just like the rumble strip on the highway when we stray too far from the center line.

Humans want to feel GOOD.  We want to stick to the center line of love, light, infinite wisdom, and the TRUTH of Who we are.  When we focus on the truth of Who we are, the Universe brings us MORE into alignment with faith, confidence, vitality and all the other aspects of our true nature.

Who the fuck am I?  I am you.  You are me. 
We are God/Goddess energy here to expand our awareness and grow. 
We are Divine energy in human form.  

Positively Divine!  That’s who I am.  That’s who you are, too.

Grow on!

Who are you? 
How much of the Source energy at your core are you allowing to flow? 
How many heavy-feeling emotions are you experiencing frequently? 
What will it take for you to set them down?  
How much did this article resonate with you? 

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments!

If this article resonated for you, please consider subscribing to my blog!  Subscription is FREE and includes hundreds of ideas to energize your life and step into thriving.

Blow Jobs & Touch Trees

Glennon Doyle’s Untamed is soul-opening. 

It is raw, powerful, inspirational Truth.  Glennon conceals nothing.  She strips her soul bare and lies it before her reader with great reverence and without apology.  Her prose is poetry.  Her strength incredible.  Her impact indelible.

Every morning I read something uplifting with my coffee before I begin my meditations.  Glennon has been my coffee companion for over a month now as I dole out the chapters like fine chocolates to be savored slowly and treasured, rather than gobbled all at once.  These are stories we all recognize of deeply human, vulnerable moments of family, love, addiction, triumph, bravery, fear of doing hard things and learning that we can do them anyway.

In a chapter titled blow jobs, Glennon reveals her truth to her therapist in the hopes of gaining support or insight.  The therapist tells her not to listen to her heart, to give up on her dream, to live a small, conventional life, and stay in a loveless marriage.  Every woman who has ever had her deep Knowing discounted by an authority figure knows how eviscerating that feels.  Many in that position have returned obediently to cages too small for our Knowing and our dreams, to lead ill-fitting lives based on the beliefs of others.

Thankfully for us, not only did Glennon listen to her Knowing, she lay her soul bare for the rest of us, and used it to build a road map of metaphor and love.  She exquisitely explains how to be our own touch tree, perpetually returning to our own Knowing to keep us from getting too far gone.  She reminds us to untame ourselves, despite the determination of our culture to tame us into neat little cages and tiny lives that please THEM. 

Cause fuck that!

Glennon knows she’s a goddamn cheetah. Untamed is her brilliant, beautiful memoir reminding the rest of us we’re goddamn cheetahs too.

Before I even finished the book,
I ordered a copy for my daughter. 
A few chapters later I ordered one
for my sister as well.  Now I have purchased the audiobook version
and I listen to Glennon read it to me on my morning walk.

This book feeds my soul. 
It opens me more to my own Knowing.  It reminds me how to reclaim my own power.  It shows me that reclaiming my power is possible, because we can do hard things.

Grow On!

Check out Untamed at your library, or purchase here on Amazon.